Missing The Closer … That’s a Major Crime

Did TNT dodge a bullet (so to speak) when they moved Major Crimes into place after the last 6-episodes of The Closer?

I’m four episodes into Major Crimes and the one I viewed last night “Citizen’s Arrest,” which aired on Monday (9/10) was exciting, and significantly different and in some ways … better than The Closer.

Major Crimes is capitalizing on all the great characters that The Closer developed and kept in the background: Lt. Provenza, Det. Julio Sanchez, Lt. Andy Flynn. Mary McDonnell as Captain Raydor is a strong, forceful character that has traded file folders for a shoulder bag.

If you were worried about missing The Closer, tune in to TNT and watch a couple of episodes of Major Crimes. You’ll forget all about needy Brenda and you’ll fall right into step with Capt. Raydor and your old friends.

I’m not the only one thinking Major Crimes is a winner. Go here for a complete read on the episode “Citizen’s Arrest”:


Mary McDonnell as Capt. Sharon Raydor and G.W. Bailey as Lt. Louie Provenza

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