Walking Dead Marathon on AMC Now! Sat. 10/13

And It’s NOT on DISH!

It’s cold, cloudy and rainy in Milwaukee right now. The perfect day for staying indoors, doing your wash, some Halloween crafting, cooking a pot of homemade chili*, and taking care of your chiweeni^ who just cost you $1200+ at the vet.

Go now to your television and turn on AMC and watch the Walking Dead Marathon from the beginning of Season 1. Rick just made it to Atlanta and met the survivors in the department store.

Of course if you have DISH, you’re shit out of luck! (Oops, can I say that on my blog.)

The last time I stayed indoors on this kind of crappy weather day was when I got caught up on the last 7 episodes just before the final 2 episodes of Season 2. When I finally stepped outside to walk the dog, it was almost like I stepped into a zombie apocalypse.

This time around I’m all set with my Walking Dead Handbook, aka the official The Walking Dead Survivor’s Guide.

I even read it from cover to cover and studied it religiously so I at least know a little bit of pedigree about the major players.

Now understand, the television series doesn’t follow the published comic books to the letter, but the survivor’s guide has every player in it, and some that aren’t playing.

I found mine at Amazon.com.

And now for the footnotes:

*I won 3rd place at Steny’s New Year’s Eve chili contest several years ago and won first place in our chili cookoff at work.

^ A chiweenie is a mix of chihuahua and dachshund.

+ That’s just saying it cost me more than $1,200. My dog needs to get a job.

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