Cats Aplenty, Cats Galore | Tufts Now

Cats Aplenty, Cats Galore | Tufts Now.

My niece Lauren graduated from Tufts and somehow I signed up to receive their newsletter.

I’ve run into two vets who attended their veterinary college and was awed by both of them. I received their most recent (Tufts) newsletter this morning and truly enjoyed this portion of the newsletter – Cats Aplenty, Cats Galore – and I thought you might enjoy it as well, even though it has nothing to do with television.

The cats belong to the vet students, all of them rescued by the students and the photos were taken by the students.

Oh, and I’m sure if you feel generous, you could find a way to make a tax deductible donation to Tufts, veterinary college or other, if you feel so inclined. The rest of their newsletter is informative. You might want to sign up for that as well.

Enjoy the Cats Aplenty, Cats Galore – I know I did.

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