The Walking Dead Interview with “Oscar”

The Walking Dead | Interview with Vincent M. Ward Oscar.

In this interview, Mr. Ward talks about how “enthused everyone is about the comic books” and how he thinks he “might start reading some!” I know EXACTLY how he feels. Since become a Walking Dead fan myself, I’ve been known to purchase and read the Comic Books myself.

I get all my comic books from a great place in the pacific northwest that has fantastic customer service and great prices. I found them while searching for a good price on a 2013 Walking Dead calendar. Known as Things From Another World ( they have a huge selection of all kinds of comic books, graphic novels, manga and pop-culture collectibles. Bagging and boarding is only a quarter.

They have stores in Milwaukie, Oregon (their World Headquarters is located there), Portland, OR, Beaverton, OR and University City, CA. I’m actually thinking about going on vacation to Portland just to visit their store.

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