Interview with Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Interview with Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon.

An evening with ... Credit: @ahavlicek 2/16/13

An evening with … Credit: @ahavlicek 2/16/13

On Saturday, Feb. 16, I spent an evening with Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen and Steven Yeun. Milwaukee was on one of their city tours and they happened to be here for a two-show date.

I went to their early show and I was glad I did. Apparently it was more orderly than the 10pm show. It was, at times, extremely hard to understand what they were saying, but at least the 7pm audience knew how to behave.

Greg Nicotero is by far, one of the most interesting people I know. The guy who was playing “host” (I think he said he was from the Onion) was about about as interesting as a box of hair.

The first 60+ minutes was the box of hair talking in generalities and then the last 30 minutes he was asking the “panel” questions that had been submitted via Twitter. It seemed he was smart enough to at least pick a few questions that proved he had some brain matter.

Steven Yeun told a funny story about being at the airport and playing with his phone and a young brother and sister were talking to each other …”that’s him”… “are you sure?” … “yeah, I know that’s him” … like he wasn’t even there. Finally he just said to them “do you watch the show?” and freaked them out like they thought he couldn’t talk.

Norman Reedus shared with us some of the weird things people send him; one woman sent him her breast implant. When you click on the link and read the interview with Norman Reedus he talks about stuff he gets in the mail from people and that he gives a lot of that stuff to Chandler Riggs.

Greg Nicotero said he received a 3+ page letter from a fan that had an extensive, detailed description of her perfect walker, which he plans on using in the final episode. So you know what that means, right? Let’s all watch for it.

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