Boston’s Finest Worth Watching

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Donnie Wahlberg’s latest project, Boston’s Finest, is new, different, exciting, beautifully filmed and definitely worth watching.

Filmed on location in Boston, Mass., I finally sat down on Saturday and managed to watch the premiere episode I had saved on my DVR. Wahlberg served as narrator and you can here just a twinge of Boston accent. Personal stories of police officers are intertwined with their jobs on the streets of Boston.

What I expected to be along the same lines as A&E’s The First 48, I soon discovered wasn’t even close to that format.  These aren’t homicide detectives the cameras are following. At least not this first episode.

Of all the new shows coming out of the Midseason, this one is a definite must see. Time to set your DVR to record on Wednesday nights. You’ll want to catch every episode of Boston’s Finest.

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