Only 2 Episodes Left of The Walking Dead – Lots of Fun on The Talking Dead!

418ph1YBPvLIf you haven’t watched Episode 314 “Prey” yet, then for YOU there’s actually 3 episodes left. But for me, who usually has episodes of The Walking Dead stacked up on the DVR, this is the first season where I have watched them as they happen on Sunday.

The only thing I’m not watching as it happens is The Talking Dead, which I have to say is truly a guilty pleasure. I’m so glad TTD has gone to a full hour. Chris Hardwick is made for that show like butter is made for popcorn.

Guests on Sunday included Todd McFarlane, Kumail Nanjiani and none other than Andrea – Laurie Holden. In the past, seeing a cast member on TTD meant that they had “died” on The Walking Dead – but alas – that’s no longer true.

Maggie made an appearance last week, Emily Kinney (Beth) was recently on, and Steven Yeun (Glenn) has appeared on the hour long format.

In case you don’t know the name Todd McFarlane, perhaps you know the name “Spawn.” In 1992 he helped form Image Comics by pulling the occult anti-hero Spawn from his high school portfolio and updated him for the 90s. That move encouraged a trend in creator-owned comic book properties.

On Sunday’s TTD, Chris Hardwick had a short showing how McFarlane is using computers to create action figures of The Walking Dead characters. It was fascinating. Andrea said she wanted McFarlane to sign hers when she gets one. I don’t blame her one bit.

According to Amazon, where the McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 3 figures are available, Meryl Dixon is the #1 Best Seller (shown). Amazon has them priced at around $20 each and has a great selection of both heroes and zombies.

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