The Following Finale is Monday + More Series Finales

If you have episodes for The Following backed up on your DVR, then it’s a good idea to get caught up this weekend on plots so when the finale airs Monday night you won’t be shocked (or spoiled).

Myself, I watched three episodes last week, two on Sunday and then the current one on Monday and walked around at work semi-dazed Tuesday morning. Almost everyone took one look at me and said “watched The Following last night huh?” Yes, it’s that intense.

What really shocked me is that my sister came to visit me at work last week and she said to me “so do you watch The Following? I can even sit down when I watch it!” Now my sister doesn’t like anything even mildly scary and she’s really into this show (It could just be Kevin Bacon). Same with my friend at work, her mom’s into this show. Same with my neighbor across the street. She came over on Wednesday and asked if I still had Monday’s episode on my DVR, her husband accidentally deleted it and she was about to kill him – could she watch mine and would I make her some coffee.

Tonight when I signed into my email account, Kevin Bacon was on WhoSay answering Twitter questions from fans about The Following. Each one was individually recorded and everything. He would take his glasses off , repeat the question, answer it. It was really cool. When my sister comes over this weekend I’m going to show her that and I bet she sits down for it. What … you don’t know about WhoSay? Well Google it  and find out.

Other finales for some series I watch include:

Castle (ABC) – Monday, May 13

NCIS (CBS) – Tuesday, May 14

CSI (CBS) – Wednesday, May 15

Elementary – Thursday, May 16

Criminal Minds (CBS) – Wednesday, May 22

Body of Proof (ABC) – Tuesday, May 28

Allan Arbus, ‘M*A*S*H’ Psychiatrist, Dies at 95 –

Allan Arbus, ‘M*A*S*H’ Psychiatrist, Dies at 95 –

Allan Arbus

Allan Arbus

I did not have a good day today. I was checking Wikipedia’s 2013 Obits when I discovered that Allan Arbus died. He was 95. He played the Psychiatrist on one of my all-time favorite programs – M*A*S*H, of which I’m a trivia expert.

I could dazzle you with my memories of him, but the one that really stands out is in the final episode of M*A*S*HGoodbye, Farewell and Amen. It surpassed the single-episode ratings record that had been set by the Dallas episode that resolved the “Who Shot J.R.?” cliffhanger (which you wouldn’t catch me watching).

In the final episode, Hawkeye (Alan Alda) is in a mental hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown and Dr. Sidney Freedman (Allan Arbus) is there treating him. If you’ve never seen the final episode, I’m not about to ruin it for you, so you’ll have to take my word that it certainly outshines Who Shot J.R.

The link above will take you the obit of Allan Arbus, and in the middle there’s a link that says … Alan Alda, who played Hawkeye, recalled Mr. Arbus as a very believable therapist. Click that link and you’ll be whisked away to a YouTube video of Alan Alda saying that it took him a while to remember that Allan Arbus was NOT a real therapist.

Check Into Bates Motel on Saturday

Get caught up on Bates Motel tomorrow when they show the first four episodes starting at 7pm CT on A&E. A new episode premieres on Monday 8pm/7pm ET/CT.

Freddie Highmore is phenomenal in the role of Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga may play his mother Norma, but don’t expect her to be dead and in the root cellar anytime soon.

The word is out that A&E has ordered ten new episodes for Season 2 slated to premiere in 2014.

That’s even more reason to get caught up on Season 1 and stay current to the bitter end.

There’s a cool Graphic Novel download through iTunes that accompanies Bates Motel that can be read through iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (must be read on an iOS device).

The web site is so incredibly interactive (see graphic) it’s like something you’d see for a movie (you can have loads of fun there (and earn stickers from GetGlue).

Low-Tech Gun Tracing Costly, Laborious Thanks to the NRA

Low-Tech Gun Tracing Costly, Laborious – ABC News.

Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley

Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley

Ever wonder just how far reaching NRA’s clout is? I was watching ABC Nightly News today (Friday, April 12) and an extremely interesting news item came on. I’m not sure if David Kerley was the on-air reporter, but he is the reporter of the article LINKED in this blog post.

The point of the news item is that NRA has lobbied all these years to keep gun identification from being put on computer. Everything at the ATF is done by hand. Forms and all paperwork is backed up onto microfilm, but absolutely nothing at the headquarters of ATF is on computers. They are not allowed to create a database of this information.

While the buyer’s background might be checked by the FBI, the only record of the actual “sale” is a gun dealer’s paper form.

As the news item (LINK) mentions, this antiquated way of doing things has cost us (the taxpayers) an estimated $60 million in the past 12 years.

So click on the LINK and read why the ATF is banned from being more efficient because members of Congress, backed by the NRA, won’t let them.

Better yet, click on the LINK and then call Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley and ask him why he thinks letting ATF computerize gun sales forms wouldn’t be “legitimate.”

Here’s how to reach him: 135 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3744

Awards – The Walking Dead – Definitely Award Worthy

Awards – The Walking Dead – AMC.

Well, The Walking Dead Season 3 is over until October when Season 4 starts. I had to watch the final episode twice to get a good grasp of how everything wrapped up. I was glad that there wasn’t a big cliffhanger scenario.

If you watched The Talking Dead‘s season finale, Norman Reedus said he was glad that the writers didn’t leave this season with all these open ended situations like they did when Season 3 ended. What was really weird was when they decided to take a caller and he started to speak this corpse rising incantation (he was from Tennessee). They cut him off (or hung up on him) after a few seconds, but it certainly left the panel and the host a little freaked out.

Of course no one knows exactly where The Governor drove off to.

The link above takes you to a long list of awards The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead Webisodes have won this year. Enjoy.

Oh, before you click, did you see the winning video of the AMC The Walking Dead/Dr. Pepper contest? It was very clever.

Click Here to see the winning video:

“THE WALKING WALKERS” by Steven Grisez

The Voice Talented Teen Chooses Blake Shelton

The Voice Talented Teen Chooses Blake Shelton – Road Runner.

The Voice is in its second week and I’m still caught up. I was on vacation today (4/3) so I stayed up late last night and got caught up on quite a few things, including The Following (which I almost had change my panties after watching, gosh it was scary).

There seems to be a lot of contestants with a lot of street credit (baggage) that they’re spreading around. I guess that’s not that abnormal. I love music and when things are really getting me down I play music and light candles, lay on my bed and hug my dog.

From the stories I’ve been hearing on The Voice, music gets some of these folks through the bad times.

I really liked Brandon Roush. He sang “With a Little Help From My Friends” and had a voice bigger than … well it was really big. When the judges turned around, they didn’t expect that big voice to be coming out of him. When he isn’t singing, he uses music to teach autistic children. Shakira scored with him.

The thing is, no one would have known that except for Usher asking him what he did in the everyday world.

Click on the link above and see how Blake Shelton scored. Oh, and if you watched last night (4/2), Adam Levine finally swiped a country singer out of the mouth of Blake. It was celebratory.