‘Walking Dead’ Is Top-Rated Scripted Show of Season

‘Walking Dead’ Is Top-Rated Scripted Show of Season, in a First for Cable | TheWrap TV.

We’re getting close to the Emmy Award announcement, July 18 to be precise, with the ceremony to be held on Sept. 22. That’s probably why you’re be seeing lots of articles talking about this show reaching this pinnacle and that show doing this and so on and so forth.

Walking Dead and the “staff” is certainly getting tons of nods. On Monday, Advertising Age recognized Greg Nicotero as one of their Creativity 50. He was #1 on the list.

As far as I’m concerned … it’s about time!!! Us “Dead” fans are only on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting Season 4.

The Walker Horde coming soon from Gentle Giant.

The Walker Horde from Gentle Giant.

My GentleGiant Walker Horde arrived the other day and I felt like I was 8 years old  again getting a new outfit for my Barbie doll. I must admit, having two teams made up of 7 zombie walkers is pretty darn cool. This will probably be a really hot item at ComicCon this year.

A friend of mine at work forwarded this to me from The Hollywood Reporter:

Finally realizing that nothing spurs consumer spending like a sense of apocalyptic dread, VISA has partnered with Robert Kirkman to create a series of prepaid debit cards emblazoned with images from The Walking Dead. Now you can give the gift that says, “I know you like one thing, so go buy that thing—or some other thing!—with this thing imprinted with that first thing,” while also saying, “Civilization is fragile and humanity is a tenuous illusion, so let’s go shopping.”  Each card comes with your choice of comic artist Charlie Adlard’s drawings (Rick on horseback, Michonne brandishing her katana, zombies lurching toward you in what is by no means meant to be an ironic visual metaphor for mindless consumption) and promise to deliver what Kirkman calls “an exciting way for fans to incorporate the series’ art into their daily lives.” Specifically, the part of your life where you decide to buy something with your VISA card, and—just like on the TV show—the excitement of considering whether to do something, having a conversation about it, and then standing around waiting. [via The Hollywood Reporter].

Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca from Inside TV recently interviewed Norman Reedus (June 6) while on set from Senoia, Georgia. Reedus said that the scripts are just amazing this season and that the zombies this season are becoming more of a threat.

His actual quote … “They’ve introduced a way to make the zombies scary again.” Gee, I’ve always thought they were scary. But apparently … “they’re terrifying. The new threat is just unreal.” Wow!

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