The Death of a …. Consumer! Shame on You Home Depot & LG!

I know, it’s corny. Please forgive me. I usually don’t RANT! But I’ve been killed by not one, but two reputable companies and I’m extremely pissed off. Both Home Depot and LG have just pushed me aside and don’t really care about me as a long time, loyal customer.

This is the LG portable air conditioner I bought from Home Depot marked "as is."

This is the LG portable air conditioner I bought from Home Depot marked “as is.”

Last year I bought a portable air conditioner, an LG, from Home Depot. I admit, I should have been more cautious, but I have an LG dehumidifier and I LOVE IT! The air conditioner was marked “as is” but the nice lady from Home Depot, who obviously doesn’t know shit from shinola, told me all about Home Depot’s “as is” policy and I felt relatively confident when I purchased it.

She told me that it was thoroughly “checked out,” that it worked perfectly, that everything that originally came with it right out of the package was with the model I was purchasing and that nothing was missing. BULL SHIT!

I got it home and looked it over and went to LG’s website and registered it and discovered it had never been registered so it was still covered under the one year warranty. I had to download the manuals because they were, you guessed it, MISSING. Also missing were: the remote, the weather stripping and two seals which have proven to be two of the most important parts known to mankind.

But what the who gives a sh**&!, right? It was still under warranty. But first, the way I found out about the two missing seals was by using the unit on one of the hottest days of 2012 in Wisconsin and within minutes the unit had dripped water all over my floor.

Back to who cares. I called LG and made an appointment for a service call and the nice LG repairman came and checked out the unit. His biggest news was that it was missing two seals and that he’d have them sent to me. Of course he never turned on the unit.

One arrived, that screwed on. It was easy. The other one that arrived – that was a different story. I have, even to this day, no idea how they expect that tiny thing to fit where it’s supposed to fit.

I called LG and told them the problem. Yep, they sent you the wrong thing. We’ll send you the right one. The same exact wrong one arrived a second time.

So the original problem with the unit was never repaired. The seal that did arrive never fixed the problem because when I screwed on the seal and turned on the unit it still leaks water all over the floor.

When I read the troubleshooting part of the manual and it says when the internal tank gets full the unit will stop and the panel will say FL, tip the unit on its side and empty the internal tank, it finally did that, but it still leaked water all over my floor.

I emailed Home Depot and received a canned reply about … we’re sorry blah blah blah.

I called LG and they referred me to local repair shops who will come to my house and look at the unit with trip charges starting at $75. I said that their repairman didn’t fix the problem in the first place. Their reply is “it’s out of warranty.”

I wish I had just given the money to charity. I would have felt more satisfied.



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