Low-Tech Gun Tracing Costly, Laborious Thanks to the NRA

Low-Tech Gun Tracing Costly, Laborious – ABC News.

Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley

Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley

Ever wonder just how far reaching NRA’s clout is? I was watching ABC Nightly News today (Friday, April 12) and an extremely interesting news item came on. I’m not sure if David Kerley was the on-air reporter, but he is the reporter of the article LINKED in this blog post.

The point of the news item is that NRA has lobbied all these years to keep gun identification from being put on computer. Everything at the ATF is done by hand. Forms and all paperwork is backed up onto microfilm, but absolutely nothing at the headquarters of ATF is on computers. They are not allowed to create a database of this information.

While the buyer’s background might be checked by the FBI, the only record of the actual “sale” is a gun dealer’s paper form.

As the news item (LINK) mentions, this antiquated way of doing things has cost us (the taxpayers) an estimated $60 million in the past 12 years.

So click on the LINK and read why the ATF is banned from being more efficient because members of Congress, backed by the NRA, won’t let them.

Better yet, click on the LINK and then call Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley and ask him why he thinks letting ATF computerize gun sales forms wouldn’t be “legitimate.”

Here’s how to reach him: 135 Hart Senate Office Building 202-224-3744

Conn. senators demand NRA ‘cease and desist’

Conn. senators demand NRA ‘cease and desist’ making robo-calls to Newtown residents – NY Daily News.

Frank Kulick walks past a display of wooden crosses and a Jewish Star of David representing the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on his front lawn.

Frank Kulick walks past a display of wooden crosses and a Jewish Star of David representing the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on his front lawn.

Democratic Harry Reid said last week that including the assault weapon ban in the gun control package would likely cause Republicans to block the entire gun-control package, including measures that have bipartisan support.

Senator Feinstein, who won passage of a 1994 assault weapons ban that expired after 10 years and reintroduced a similar bill after the Newtown massacre, said last week that her bill was dropped because “the gun lobby is inordinately powerful.”

In the meantime, the Americans who mourn the children of Newtown, Conn.; the victims of the Aurora, Colo. shooter; the three women who were shot down at the Azana Salon & Spa by Radcliffe Haughton; the 6 killed at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek and many others before them and how many more before 2013 comes to close are beginning to feel like the Washington political machine is spitting on the graves of those that have been buried thanks to shooters using assault weapons and other guns purchased illegally.

On Sunday, March 24, Mayor Bloomberg (New York) and Wayne LaPierre from the N.R.A. appeared separately on “Meet the Press.”

Bloomberg pledges to create a permanent counterweight to the N.R.A. He said his new $12 million dollar ad campaign supports universal background checks and targets 10 senators in home states over the current 2-week recess. It’s intention is to draw out 90% of the public who support expanded checks.

Bloomberg and the senators wants the ads to tell the public in those 10 states what people are doing in Congress … who’s voting for what. And then they can make their own decisions.

The N.R.A. once supported the national instant check system in the late 90s. But LaPierre made clear that will no longer be the case. “It’s not fair, it’s not accurate, it’s not instant. The mental health records are not in the system, and they don’t prosecute any of the criminals that they catch. It’s a speed bump for the law abiding.”

What’s the newest strategy of the N.R.A., bombarding Newtown residents with robo-calls urging them to oppose proposed gun control measures and sending out postcards urging their local legislators to vote no on “dangerous anti-gun legislation.”

In some cases, they have actually called Newtown residents.

In this instance, I think the N.R.A. have pardon the pun… shot themselves in the foot.

Read the link (I actually bored the pun from them) and read more …

Adam Lanza plotted Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy Hook massacre for years

Lupica: Morbid find suggests murder-obsessed gunman Adam Lanza plotted Newtown, Conn.’s Sandy Hook massacre for years – NY Daily News.

When the Sandy Hook shooting first happened I predicted that Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy, would hold the key to the tragedy.

At a recent International Association of Police Chiefs and Colonels in New Orleans, Danny Stebbins, a colonel from the Connecticut State Police shared some startling facts about the Sandy Hook shooting.

From an article written by Joe Kemp/New York Daily News dated Monday, March 18, Adam Lanza might have been trying to top all other mass murderers (records).

Black paper over a classroom’s window spared an entire classroom of children, and caused Adam Lanza to bypass the room entirely.

But it’s Colonel Stebbins comments from the recent conference that’s really frightening … law enforcement reportedly found a 7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from previous mass murders.

Adam Lanza was on a quest for notoriety. His mother, who was the first victim on his quest, was making straw purchases of guns for him all along and ignored the fact that he was getting more and more fixated on them.

You should read the article in its entirety by clicking the link.

Raising Adam Lanza: Who Was Nancy Lanza? Frontline Special Airs Tuesday.

Raising Adam Lanza: Who Was Nancy Lanza – Courant.com.

The first of two PBS Frontline specials is set to air on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10pm (EST) (check your local listings).

The link above is an extensive article written by Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner of The Hartford Courant.

The Hartford Courant and FRONTLINE have joined forces to look at the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. These two news outlets are exploring answers to the two critical questions sparked by the tragedy: who was Adam Lanza and what was the nature of his relationship with his mother?; and will this tragedy change the profoundly divisive debate over guns in America.

Academy member calls for Oscar boycott of Zero Dark Thirty

Academy member calls for Oscars boycott of Zero Dark Thirty | Film | guardian.co.uk.

David Glennon

David Clennon

This tidbit of trash happened to show up on the front page of imdb.com on Monday when I was reading about Ben Affleck winning a Golden Globe for Argo.

A few posts back, I wrote about Argo and posted a link to the article that was the story behind the movie. In the past few weeks I’ve read several arguments where others have compared Argo to Zero Dark Thirty (ZD30), mostly because they both deal with our enemy(ies) in the Middle East.

This particular article (link) really pissed me off (please excuse my language). So much so that I actually posted a comment at imdb.com, which I don’t do often. [Comment: What about all the films that condone senseless gun violence that no doubt led to some of the nuts committing mass murder? It’s okay to show those but not to see ZD30? What a hypocrite!]

David Clennon is an American actor, who has an extensive resume of TV and movie work. He, as an Ampas member, would not be voting for Kathryn Bigelow’s film, which has been nominated for five Oscars, because it “promotes the acceptance of the crime of torture, as a legitimate weapon in America’s so-called War on Terror.”

Many, including other Ampas members are outraged that he would use his status as an Ampas member to speak out this way against a film and attempt to influence the voting process.

His comment has seriously offended me, not near as much as seeing thousands of Americans die at the hands of TERRORists on September 11. (Which was real and not being portrayed in a film.)

With Newtown, CT just passing its one month anniversary and President Obama already in a skirmish with the Washington elected officials regarding new laws on gun control, I commented on imdb.com that David Clennon should have been exercising his “veto”  long ago and boycott films that promote and glorify films with blatant gun violence (the 2012 films alone are way too long to list).

What do you think?

NRA Pins Conn. Massacre on Politicians, Monsters and Media, But Not Guns: Gothamist

Head of NRA Pins Connecticut Massacre on Politicians, Monsters and Media, But Not Guns: DCist.

There’s really not much to add here, except that there’s a link to the entire text of this … umm, speech, in pdf form, at the end of this article, courtesy of the Gothamist.

Nancy Lanza Mourned While Police Search For Clues About Adam Lanza: Gothamist

Nancy Lanza Mourned While Police Search For Clues About Adam Lanza: Gothamist.

The Gothamist is a daily weblog covering New York city’s personalities, news stories, and media with humorous photos and running commentary. I really enjoy reading their stories because their short, concise and to the point.

The following was taken from TuftsNow, a Tuft’s University newsletter, specifically from an interview conducted by Marjorie Howard of Thomas Nolan, a former Boston police officer. What’s included is the final question and answer:

Why do you think we have such a violent culture?

I think it’s the ready availability and proliferation of high-powered firearms and certainly the way we socialize young men to resolve conflicts. Boys are taught to be competitive and to win and to use aggression to achieve those goals. Girls are taught to resolve conflicts through negotiation. We no longer see conflicts resolved with a fist fight or an argument or even a knife—they get resolved with a bullet. If the young man in Newtown didn’t have access to so many guns and wasn’t so familiar with them, what he did couldn’t have been so easily accomplished. We want to think that this guy has to be crazy and disordered, and obviously there was a problem, but we may find he was never diagnosed with any kind of mental disorder. Certainly in other areas of the world, where guns aren’t as available, it would have been much more difficult to carry out this atrocity.

Marjorie Howard can be reached at marjorie.howard@tufts.edu

‘The Voice’ recap, Newtown tribute and the final three singers – baltimoresun.com

‘The Voice’ recap, Newtown tribute and the final three singers – baltimoresun.com.

Monday night’s The Voice opens with the entire cast of Season 3, including Carson Daly and Christina Milian standing on the stage lit with candles. Each member is holding placards with the names and ages of the victims of the Sandy Hill Elementary school shooting. They sing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah (one of my favorite songs).

If you want to see this, you may have to look hard for it. NBC isn’t showing it any longer and the only way I got to see it was because it was in my Hulu que and I know it’s on my DVR.

The Voice is now down to 3, yes three contestants. Only one of my final four, Terry McDermott, is still in the running. From the article (link) here, they’re predicting that Cassadee Pope will be the first female winner of The Voice.

According to the iTunes Top Singles, Terry McDermott’s single Broken Wings is #5 and Cassadee Pope’s single Cry is #1. In votes, she is beating Terry McDermott’s butt by the thousands. So I’m inclined to believe that she will be the first female winner of The Voice and that Blake will be a repeat winning coach. How exciting!

Nancy Lanza – Mother to Adam Lanza – Is Key to THIS Violence

Of course I have the luxury of sitting on my couch, being an arm-chair profiler as this horror in Newtown, CT plays out. But I’ve gone through more than a half a box of kleenex, watching the coverage on MSNBC. This makes eleven senseless mass shootings in 2012. Two of those mass shootings where in my hometown: the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek and the Azana Spa shooting in Brookfield.

I’m relying on the profiling classes I’ve taken (not criminal profiling, just human profiling) and this is why I’m offering you this theory.

1) His mother was his first victim and killing her was very personal; 2) He shot her in the face, point-blank and she was so badly disfigured, the authorities had to make positive identification some other way; 3) Adam tried to buy a rifle, but was refused, so instead, he went after his mother’s guns and she was passionate about guns. She took both her kids to gun ranges and her passion rubbed off on, if not both of her sons, at least on Adam. She probably taught Adam all about guns and probably taught him how to shoot and care for weapons. In the end, it was her downfall. 4) She had issues with the school district, her sister-in-law said and even home schooled Adam; 5) Out of the 26 victims, only 8 of them were male. All of the adult victims were female. 6) I believe the authorities have Ryan Lanza cloistered somewhere and are using the interviews to build a psychological profile of Adam; 7) We have not heard anything about the father of Adam Lanza; 8) I’m not sure why he would be caring his brother’s ID on him except that he was offering a clue as to who knew him and the reasons behind what he was about to do.

Now here are some facts about mass shootings: 

According to the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City “mass shootings are a unique feature of American life” and the increased lethality of the incidents are made possible “by the use of large capacity ammunition magazines … which enable a shooter to rapidly fire off as many as 100-rounds without having to reload…”

What irritated me was within minutes on Friday, someone had created a Facebook page under Ryan Lanza‘s name, associated an incorrect picture with it and people had already started to praise him or call him a coward. Facebook will not take this page down and will not use its powerful software tools to block it or stop it. If telephone companies can monitor a phone number and make a “challenge” when someone continues to misdial it, then Facebook should be able to rise above their billions in stock earnings and become a good citizen and start taking down tasteless pages made for mass murders, stop child pornographers from finding victims and keep people from using breasts of 14 years old girls as their profile picture.

Aurora Shooting Victim Record PSA on Gun Control – Hollywood Reporter

Aurora Shooting Victim Record PSA on Gun Control – Hollywood Reporter.
This shooting victim went to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, which of course is a movie. I’ve decided to post it to this blog because of its importance regarding the upcoming presidential debate and election. The PSA is aired in the link.