Want to Know What’s Coming on TV to Scare the Pants off of You?

Well here’s a link to Channel Guide Magazine‘s 2017 Fright Guide.

Click to access Fright-Guide-2017.pdf

Every year the staff at puts their heads together to produce the most comprehensive list of Daily Listings, Movies, Specials and this year, a bonus. Read about the 13 Most Shocking Horror Movies you may have missed.

TV Marathons – A Big Part of Turkey Day

Every Thanksgiving, the sound of the television has always been in the background. If not a football game, it’s the Macy’s Day Parade, a cooking show or a favorite series or holiday movie. Here’s a list of just a few of the marathons scheduled for this upcoming Thanksgiving weeked.

All times are Eastern. You can always check to see what’s on your favorite channels by Googling their schedule (for example: Cloo Schedule). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of IFC's "Portlandia". © Chris Hornbecker Photographer  Credit: IFC

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen of IFC’s “Portlandia”. © Chris Hornbecker Photographer Credit: IFC

Thursday, Nov. 27

Adventure Time: 9am–2pm on Cartoon Network
Portlandia: 9am-2:30pm on IFC
Friends: 10am-5pm on TBS
Seinfeld: 5-8pm on TBS
Friday Night Lights: 10am–9pm on Pivot
Jurassic Park: 10am–2am Friday on AMC (I bet they air the trailer from the upcoming Jurassic Park movie coming to theaters this summer)
Modern Family: 10am-12am (Midnight) on USA
Transporter the Series: 11am-11:03pm on TNT
Alaska: The Last Frontier: 12pm-3am Friday on Discovery Channel
My Dirty Little Secret: 12pm-8pm on Investigation Discovery
The Millionaire Matchmaker: 3-10:30pm on Bravo
The Simpsons: 4-10pm followed by The Simpsons Movie on FXX
The Brady Bunch: 5:30-9pm on TV Land

Friday, Nov. 28

Helix: 6am–8pm on Syfy
Deadly Women: 6am–9pm on Investigation Discovery
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 9am–10pm on Pivot
Rambo: 11am–midnight on AMC
Star Trek: The Next Generation: 12pm–6am Saturday on BBC America
American Pickers: 1–11pm on History
Tanked: 2–9pm on Animal Planet
Gilligan’s Island: 3–9pm on TV Land
Gold Rush: 3–10pm on Discovery Channel
Mysteries: 3pm–4am Saturday on Travel Channel
Blue Bloods: 11am on Ion
Rookie Blue: 10pm on Ion

Saturday, Nov. 29

House: 6am–6am Sunday on Cloo
Manzo’d with Children: 6–10am on Bravo
The Leftovers: 8:45am–6:45pm on HBO Signature

Mark Harmon stars in NCIS. Photo: Jordin Althaus/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Mark Harmon stars in NCIS. Photo: Jordin Althaus/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS: 11am–midnight on USA
The Matrix: 11am–5am Sunday on AMC
Veronica Mars: 12pm–5pm on Pivot
Vikings: 3pm–4am Sunday on History
Homeland: 3pm–12am on Showtime
Z Nation: 11pm–5:30am Sunday on Syfy
Law & Order: Criminal Intent: 11am on Ion


Sunday, Nov. 30

NCIS: 6am-6am Monday on Cloo
Ax Men: 7am–1pm on History
Law & Order: SVU: 9am–11pm on USA
Roseanne: 10am–4pm on weTV (also on TV Land from 12–6pm)
Man v. Food Nation: 2–8pm on Travel Channel

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead (Season 5): 1–10pm on AMC
The Real Housewives of Atlanta: 3–11:30pm on Bravo
The Affair: 4–11pm on Showtime


One Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Go Inside The Hunt For The Boston Bombers In All-New Special – Nat Geo TV Blogs.

Nat Geo has put together a superb two hour special that’s riveting on the Boston Bombers. Today is the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. The 2014 Boston Marathon will be run on Monday, April 21.

The Nat Geo special was on Sunday night and replayed immediately after and will be replayed on Wednesday, April 16 at 9pm ET/8pm CT. You don’t want to miss this 2-hour special which focuses primarily on the impeccable work done by the FBI, the Mass. State Police, the City of Boston police and the people of Boston who pulled together to overcome this tragedy.

Then be sure to go to http://www.bostonglobe.com and check out the interactive photo with survivors, emergency workers, runners, spectators, law enforcement personnel and all those who were touched by the bombing one year ago today. I guarantee it will bring the bombing into focus for you.

Below is the url of the Nat Geo page for the special which airs again on Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it, so set your DVR. Please say a prayer today for the three people who lost their lives and observe a moment of silence at 2:42pm ET for the survivors.


Zombie Bowl – Walking Dead Marathon Sunday Feb. 2, 9am

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) - The Walking Dead - Season 2. Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) – The Walking Dead – Season 2. Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl | Which Walker Scares You Most?.

Watch Sunday’s Walking Dead marathon and you can vote in the “Which Zombie Scares You the Most”  Tournament?

The Well Walker is one my personal favorites, followed by the two Michonne had as pets.

Next Sunday, The Walking Dead is back with new episodes. It’s about time, though I have been enjoying the array of games and articles at the AMC website.

They have this great game where they want you to guess which zombie goes with which season. I did pretty good when I was concentrating and not trying to show off to Eddie, my UPC man. I think I got 100% in Season 1 and then I got cocky.

You can find that feature under Games, Polls and Quizzes at the AMC site. If you’re not already getting the Walking Dead newsletter, you should sign up for that and possibly win some swag.

If you don’t feel like watching zombies on Sunday, there’s always Kittens, Puppies and of course, football. You choose.

Season 4 Midseason Poster Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 4 Midseason Poster

The Walking Dead Season 4 Midseason Poster

Having a hard time waiting till February 9 when The Walking Dead returns? I definitely sympathize. I was overjoyed that the marathon was on so I could record the Season 3 episodes and watch those at my leisure (and delete the commercials).

I myself was busy writing, working on my own “assignment” as it were, so having The Walking Dead as a back drop served as inspiration. No, I’m not writing a zombie novel. I’m just saying I write better with something good playing on TV.

If you need something to tied you over until February 9, you should check out The Walking Dead‘s fan site at http://www.amctv.com. There’s plenty there that will satisfy your zombie craving including full episodes from Season 1 in black and white, blogs, photos, some really cool games, apps, and, now that Christmas is over, shopping.

WD Season 3 LE Blu Ray @ Amazon

WD Season 3 LE Blu Ray @ Amazon

Amazon has some great deals on Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in DVD and Blu ray formats. There are also some Limited Editions that are reduced in price, including this Season 3 LE Blu ray which Amazon is listing for $79.99 (down from $149.99).

The Season 2 LE Blu ray remains at a very high price, $389.99 and features a head with a screwdriver in his eye. When you lift the head, the Blu ray boxes are inside a cavity of the head. There are other prices for this one, slightly used, slightly discounted, still pricey.

You should go to Amazon and check out all their Walking Dead merchandise, 27+ pages of it. They also have a poster book which I’m seriously contemplating about purchasing. It contains 40 posters at a cost of about 50 cents per ($21.24 + shipping unless you’re a Prime Member, then shipping is free).

The Walking Dead Marathon NYE & New Year’s Day

The cast of The Walking Dead

The cast of The Walking Dead

What didn’t materialize last year, will be featured this year, on AMC starting at 8am on Tuesday, Dec. 31 (New Year’s Eve). Days Gone Bye, the first episode of Season 1 will start the marathon (8am-9:30am). Season 1, which only had six episodes in it when it premiered, will conclude at 1:30pm, Dec. 31 with TS-19.

One of my favorite episodes out of four seasons plays at 11:30am, Vatos, can’t be missed. It shows what The Walking Dead is all about – relationships, the human experience and where you were when the world went to hell, what you did afterward, and how you decided to carry on to survive and help those around you.

There’s a great line in there about buying some dogs from Satan at his yard sale.

Season 2 picks up at 2:30pm with What Lies Ahead and continues through 3am on January 1, 2014 (Happy New Year!) with Beside the Dying Fire.

Season 3 starts off right away at 4am January 1 with Seed and continues till 7pm with Welcome to the Tombs.

Season 4 begins at 8pm with 30 Days Without an Accident and continues till 3am with Too Far Gone, the mid-season finale. Season 4 continues Sunday February 9.

So get busy and clean off your DVR. Here’s your chance to get every episode and watch it from beginning to end. Share it with your friends (and family). Let it be the background of your New Year’s Eve party.

I’m not even going to suggest that you get out your zombie recipes. I did that last year and the marathon never happened so let’s just say I’m sending you the vibe to do so, if you feel like it.

I watched Season 1 & 2 while on a train to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago so I probably won’t jump in until Season 3 begins.

Christmas Day Marathons

Next to laying in bed and sleeping most of the day, watching television is on my list of what to do on Christmas Day. To round out the top 3 … laying on the couch. I bet you thought it was going to be “eating,” didn’t you? But since I got the word from my sister that she wasn’t doing Christmas this year, that would mean I would have to be fixing my own Christmas dinner.

No worries, I can cook just fine, even if I’m cooking for one. Here’s the list I’ve accumulated so far of who’s having a marathon on Wednesday, December 25 (all times are Eastern):

8am: Rodeo Girls
11am: Titanic
3:30pm: Duck Dynasty Marathon

8am: The Rifleman
9:30am: Rio Bravo
12:30pm: The Cowboys
3:30pm Cahill, United States Marshal
6pm: El Dorado
9pm: The Sons of Katie Elder

Animal Planet
12am: North America
6am: Beasts of the Bible
8am: Meerkat Manor
9am: Gator Boys: Xtra Bites

BBC America
3am: Doctor Who – Season 7.1 Episode 1 – Asylum of the Daleks
4am: Doctor Who – Season 7.1 Episode 2 – Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
5am: Doctor Who – Season 7.1 Episode 3 – A Town Called Mercy
8am: Doctor Who – Season 7.1 Episode 4 – The Power of Three
9am: Doctor Who – Season 7.1 Episode 5 – The Angels Take Manhattan
10am: Doctor Who – Season 7.2 Episode Marathon starting with episode 6 and concluding with episode 13 The Name of the Doctor
8pm: NEW – Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith
9pm: NEW – Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor

Biography (this seems to be their normal line-up for a Wednesday)
8am: Inside Story: The Santa Clause
10am: Find & Design
11am: Sell This House
1pm: Confessions of a Matchmaker
3pm: Cold Case Files
4pm: City Confidential
6pm: Notorious
7pm: The First 48

5am: White Collar Marathon

7am: Megamind
9am: Monsters vs. Aliens
11am: How to Train Your Dragon
1pm: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
3pm: Shrek Forever After
5pm: Kung Fu Panda
7pm: Kung Fu Panda 2
9pm: How to Train Your Dragon
11pm: Megamind

Hallmark Channel (a serious Holiday movie marathon)
8am: Hats Off to Christmas
10:30am Catch a Christmas Star
12pm The Christmas Spirit
1:30pm: Finding Christmas
3pm: Fir Crazy
4:30pm: Snow Bride
6pm: Window Wonderland
7:30pm: A Very Merry Mix-up
9pm: The Christmas Ornament
10:30pm: Let It Snow

History Channel
7am: Food Tech
8am: History’s Mysteries
10am: The Real Story of Christmas
11am: Banned from the Bible
1pm: Banned from the Bible II
3pm: Pawn Stars
5pm: Bible Secrets Revealed
10pm: Bible Secrets Revealed NEW

Ion Television
11am: Mandie & The Forgotten Christmas
1pm: Christmas Mail
3pm: A Christmas Kiss
5pm: A Golden Christmas
7pm: A Golden Christmas 2
9pm: A Golden Christmas 3
11pm: Holiday Road Trip
1pm Christmas Town

Nat Geo
5am: Rescue Ink
9am: Brain Games

Science Channel
12am: Futurescapes with James Woods
3am: The Unexplained Files
6am: Survivorman
3pm: Survivorman’s Survival Secrets
9pm: Survivorman: Lost Pilots

9am: Coming to America
11:32am: The Mummy
2:32pm: The Mummy Returns
5:30pm: Forrest Gump
9pm: Forrest Gump

8am: The Twilight Zone
9am: Movie Marathon
2012: Ice Age
Syfy Original Movies
11am: Ice Spiders
1pm: Ice Road Terror
3pm: Yeti
5pm: Snow Beast
7pm: Ice Quake
9pm: Snowmageddon
11pm: Ice Twisters

6am-6pm 24 Hours of A Christmas Story
8pm-10:30pm: Big Bang Theory
11pm: Conan

6am: Extreme Christmas Trees
7am: Crazy Christmas Lights
8am: Invasion of the Christmas Lights
9am: Invasion of the Christmas Lights 2
10am: My Crazy Obsession: Christmas Collection
12pm: Undercover Boss Marathon

TNT: Limited Commercial Movie Marathon
9am: Race to Witch Mountain
10:45am: The Time Machine
12:30pm: Spider-Man
2:45pm: Rush Hour 3
4:15pm: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
7pm: End of the Limited Commercial – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
10pm: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

USA: Character Feast
6am: Paul
8am: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (Uncut)
10:30am: Little Fockers
12:30pm: No Strings Attached (Uncut)
3pm: The Back-up Plan (Uncut)
5:30pm: Couples Retreat (Uncut)
8pm: Commercial Free Bridesmaids
10pm: Modern Family Marathon
1am: Replay of Couples Retreat Uncut