Susie’s Hope – Proof You Shouldn’t Judge a Pit Bull By His Tail Wag

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I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of horror stories about Pit Bulls. You may have heard, or read, a few stories about how a Pit Bull has saved someone. You might even know someone who has a Pit Bull that swears it’s the best dog in the world.

I’ve owned two Rottweilers. They also get a bad rap. They’re loyal, stoic dogs who will give their lives for their owners. They will literally put themselves between harm and danger and risk themselves for their owner. German Shepherds will do the same. Pit Bulls are the only other bred who is known to do this.

Unfortunately, that’s why Pit Bulls are exploited, because of their loyalty to their owners. Just in case you think you know some other facts about Pit Bulls, here’s some other myths I’m happy to disperse:

• Pit Bulls have locking jaws (incorrect). Pit Bulls jaws function the same as the jaws of any other breed.

• Pit Bulls don’t feel pain (incorrect). They feel pain just like your average collie, or just like the little chiweenie laying at my feet at this very moment.

• They clamp on with their front teeth and chew with their back teeth. If this myth were true, the Pit Bull would have moveable jaw parts.

• Pit Bulls have a higher bite force in psi’s (pounds per square inch). This one is my favorite. This particular one was actually on a Law & Order episode once. Again, wrong. The jaw and facial anatomy of the Pit Bull is not different than any other dog breed, except for extremely short muzzled breeds.

• Pit Bull attacks are similar to shark attacks. (I had a good laugh at this one.) The Pit Bull, just like any other breed is a descendant of the gray wolf.

If you want to read more myths (or facts) you can visit the same website I did.

On Sunday at 7pm CST the UP Network is airing a movie called Susie’s Hope. Here’s the description from UP Network: Donna Lawrence, the survivor of a pit bull attack, adopts a pit bull mix puppy that was beaten, set afire and left for dead. Together, they learn to love and forgive as they seek justice and protection for all animals. 

If you click on the link above you can watch a 30 second preview and there are a couple of stories about heroic pit bulls you’re sure to enjoy. On DirecTV, the UP Network is on Channel 338. If you won’t be home to see Susie’s Hope, don’t forget to set your DVR.