Jesse Stone Marathon Sunday Feb. 16

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

Hallmark Movie Channel will be celebrating everything Jesse Stone starting at 8am CST on Sunday, Feb. 16 with a marathon of Tom Selleck’s favorite character (mine too).

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice kicks off the all day marathon which ends with a premiere of Jesse Stone: No Remorse.

Robert B. Parker initially wrote a series of detective novels using Jesse Stone as the lead character. These were among his last works and the first series in which the he used the third-person narrative.

CBS adapted the Jesse Stone novels into a series with Tom Selleck in the title role. They began out of sequence from the books but remained true to storylines. Starting with the fifth film, Selleck and Michael Brandman took over writing duties based on Parker’s novels (who had died while working on another novel at his home in Boston).

To date there are 8 Jesse Stone films. The last one, “Benefit of the Doubt” attracted nearly 13 million viewers when CBS aired it on May 20, 2012. Brandman told Variety a few days later that he and Tom Selleck had been notified by CBS that they wouldn’t be ordering any more episodes because (here it comes people) they mainly attract older viewers and because CBS wanted to move away from movies and specials in favor of shorter duration TV series.

Laurie Holden Talks About The Walking Dead + Norman Reedus as The Punisher

Laurie Holden Talks to TV Guide; Variety on The Walking Dead vs. Downton Abbey – The Walking Dead – AMC.

As I was watching the Walking Dead marathon yesterday during the Super Bowl, I realized just how far our band of survivors has come. It’s always good to be able to see the beginning and then reflect what shapes characters.

Take for instance Laurie Holden (Andrea) losing her sister (Amy) and then, when she wants to leave her misery and pain behind her, Dale won’t let her (in the last episode (TS-19) of Season 1).

The Walking Dead, Season One, episode "Vatos"

The Walking Dead, Season One, episode “Vatos”

I also realized that Glenn got kidnapped in the first season by the homies in the episode “Vatos,” which is actually one of my favorites. “Vatos” is the episode where Rick, T-Dog, Daryl and Glenn return to Atlanta to retrieve Merle and the bag of guns Rick dropped when he was taken down by the gang of walkers.

It turns out that for all the machismo they’re showing, the homies are just trying to keep a well hidden assisted living center running. Guillermo (Neil Brown, Jr.) was the custodian and is elevated to “leader.” He uses one street credit line in there that’s hysterical, claiming he’ll feed “Glenn to his dogs that he stole from Satan’s backyard.” The dogs turn out to be 3 toy chihuahuas.

This episode (Vatos) attained general acclaim from the TV critics because it successfully made the viewers experience the daily life of the show’s characters. Upon initial airing it attained 4.75 million viewers according to Nielsen. It became the highest-rated cable program of the day and the ninth most-watched cable program of the week.

Now click on the link above and read all the interesting things about the Walking Dead which returns with new episodes this Sunday. Set your DVRs.