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Criminal Minds – Derek – Stars Danny Glover

The latest episode of Criminal Minds is a study in mind control and how in the face of adversity, you can use disassociation to “save” yourself.


“Derek” — When Morgan is abducted, the BAU scrambles to find him and save his life. Legendary actor Danny Glover guest stars as Morgan’s father, Hank. Credit: Trae Patton/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

At the end of the previous episode, Derek Morgan is kidnapped just as he reaches home. He’s on the phone with his girlfriend, Savannah, and she’s about to tell him some good news when he is attacked.

Derek, the episode which aired Wednesday, March 2, picks up with Derek being unloaded from crates, and strapped to beams via cables. A team of six men in an isolated location stands by taking orders from a man leading the show.

When the leader orders them to “wake him,” they realize Derek is awake but is disassociating himself from the pain that is about to be inflicted on him. After two similar dreams, one involving children, the other involving the team, but ending with Danny Glover sitting in his dining room, Derek’s torture begins with some body shots and his conversation with Danny Glover begins in earnest.

He needs a hint to find out who he is, discovers it’s his Dad, and with the encouragement of his Dad, begins a cognitive interview on himself to discover who and why he’s in this predicament and how he’s going to get out of it.

His next torture is nasty – some kind of flammable gel is applied down the center of his chest and lit, and when that doesn’t phase him to the delight of the leader he orders Derek to be stripped. They cut him loose and as he falls to the ground and his shirt is cut off, Derek makes his break, grabbing one of the guys as a shield and begins shooting at the rest, killing and/or wounding all of them.

Meanwhile Garcia and JJ take Savannah home to pack a bag and do some cyber scouting and Garcia discovers an Intranet in their wireless router. It opens up a page about the CIA which causes JJ to get on the phone immediately to a contact of hers.

While searching for a cell phone on one of the six, now assumed dead, Derek finds one, but it displays “No Signal.” He finds an interesting tattoo and discovers the leader is still alive and encourages him to talk, but all he does is mutter name and serial number gibberish. He realizes he isolated and has no way of contacting anyone to help him.

He and his Dad are now standing next to a body of water, and Derek asks him “why are here?” His father says, “you created this space in your head when you were 15.” “I don’t want to talk about what happened when I was 15,” Derek tells him. Dad tells him he’s very proud of him, which floors Derek. “Proud!” “Yes, Derek,” his Dad says, “Proud you turned your pain into your greatest asset.”

Soon Penelope shows up in his dissassociated state, teetering around in heels among the grass and dirt with a furry halo wired to her, appealing to Derek for help so she can do something to find him. Nothing comes to him immediately, but he remembers the tattoo and in the real world, JJ has returned to headquarters with a picture of a six man team that hires itself out to the highest bidder. Hotch tells Garcia to focus in on the tattoo and they have a clue.

Is this a Walking Dead episode?!?…. no but Derek has heard one of the survivors talking on a satellite phone and when he tries to get it away from him the guy swallows the sim card and Derek’s only option is to gut the guy with a knife and get the card …. which he does. When he gets the phone working it says “enter password” and he proceeds to throw a temper tantrum and just like our friend Garcia his Dad says “let me know when you’re done throwing your temper tantrum” and continues smoking his cigar.

Derek calms himself and says, “okay Dad. Hey is that a Dominican? At work we had this Day of the Dead thing and I left it for you,” and Danny Glover takes a puff and says, “well, I got it.”

Still he’s really stressed as he plays with the phone, his only chance and his fear takes over and briefly they show the aftermath of his death … his photo up on the FBI wall, his team solemnly standing in front of it. As he continues to play with the phone he finds the redial screen and with his Dad talking him through it, he redials the first number ….

Which gets Garcia incredibly excited hoping someone answers it, and someone does, sending everything into motion …. Morgan talking to the man who had him kidnapped, the team heading out to rescue him on helicopters, Garcia going to tell Savannah they know where he is and they’re going to get him.

So the guy shows up and tries to finish the job. Kicks Derek down, takes the knife away and stabs him in the hand. Derek is calling to his Dad, wondering where he is, and Derek plays a little possum so Reed can sneak in the front door and shoot the guy.

But it doesn’t end there. Derek is rescued. So go check OnDemand and watch it for yourself. You’ll really enjoy Danny Glover’s performance as Derek Morgan’s dad.

Thomas Gibson (Hotch) directs this episode.



The World Wars Begin Tonight, May 26 at 9pm/8pm ET narrated by Jeremy Renner

MacArthur in battle

MacArthur in battle

The six-hour The World Wars special event series premieres tonight on History® at 9pm/8pm ET,  continues Tuesday, May 27 at 9pm/8pm ET and concludes Wednesday, May 28 at 9pm/8pm ET. Later this summer, the 3-part series with premiere on H2 and more than 160 countries across the globe will have an opportunity to see it.

Narrated by 2-time Oscar nominee Jeremey Renner (The Town, The Hurt Locker), The World Wars features interviews with Senator John McCain, General Colin Powell, British Prime Minister John Major, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and more.

The story tells the history of the World Wars through the eyes of the most powerful men: Roosevelt, Hitler, Patton, Mussolini, Churchill, Tojo, DeGaulle and MacArthur. These men held the fate of humankind in their hands. This event series examines the two world wars as one contiguous timelines, starting in 1914 and concluding in 1945, with these unique individuals coming of age in World War I before ultimately making some of the toughest decisions in the history of mankind in World War II.


One Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Go Inside The Hunt For The Boston Bombers In All-New Special – Nat Geo TV Blogs.

Nat Geo has put together a superb two hour special that’s riveting on the Boston Bombers. Today is the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. The 2014 Boston Marathon will be run on Monday, April 21.

The Nat Geo special was on Sunday night and replayed immediately after and will be replayed on Wednesday, April 16 at 9pm ET/8pm CT. You don’t want to miss this 2-hour special which focuses primarily on the impeccable work done by the FBI, the Mass. State Police, the City of Boston police and the people of Boston who pulled together to overcome this tragedy.

Then be sure to go to http://www.bostonglobe.com and check out the interactive photo with survivors, emergency workers, runners, spectators, law enforcement personnel and all those who were touched by the bombing one year ago today. I guarantee it will bring the bombing into focus for you.

Below is the url of the Nat Geo page for the special which airs again on Wednesday. You won’t want to miss it, so set your DVR. Please say a prayer today for the three people who lost their lives and observe a moment of silence at 2:42pm ET for the survivors.


The Walking Dead Marathon NYE & New Year’s Day

The cast of The Walking Dead

The cast of The Walking Dead

What didn’t materialize last year, will be featured this year, on AMC starting at 8am on Tuesday, Dec. 31 (New Year’s Eve). Days Gone Bye, the first episode of Season 1 will start the marathon (8am-9:30am). Season 1, which only had six episodes in it when it premiered, will conclude at 1:30pm, Dec. 31 with TS-19.

One of my favorite episodes out of four seasons plays at 11:30am, Vatos, can’t be missed. It shows what The Walking Dead is all about – relationships, the human experience and where you were when the world went to hell, what you did afterward, and how you decided to carry on to survive and help those around you.

There’s a great line in there about buying some dogs from Satan at his yard sale.

Season 2 picks up at 2:30pm with What Lies Ahead and continues through 3am on January 1, 2014 (Happy New Year!) with Beside the Dying Fire.

Season 3 starts off right away at 4am January 1 with Seed and continues till 7pm with Welcome to the Tombs.

Season 4 begins at 8pm with 30 Days Without an Accident and continues till 3am with Too Far Gone, the mid-season finale. Season 4 continues Sunday February 9.

So get busy and clean off your DVR. Here’s your chance to get every episode and watch it from beginning to end. Share it with your friends (and family). Let it be the background of your New Year’s Eve party.

I’m not even going to suggest that you get out your zombie recipes. I did that last year and the marathon never happened so let’s just say I’m sending you the vibe to do so, if you feel like it.

I watched Season 1 & 2 while on a train to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago so I probably won’t jump in until Season 3 begins.

The Following Finale is Monday + More Series Finales

If you have episodes for The Following backed up on your DVR, then it’s a good idea to get caught up this weekend on plots so when the finale airs Monday night you won’t be shocked (or spoiled).

Myself, I watched three episodes last week, two on Sunday and then the current one on Monday and walked around at work semi-dazed Tuesday morning. Almost everyone took one look at me and said “watched The Following last night huh?” Yes, it’s that intense.

What really shocked me is that my sister came to visit me at work last week and she said to me “so do you watch The Following? I can even sit down when I watch it!” Now my sister doesn’t like anything even mildly scary and she’s really into this show (It could just be Kevin Bacon). Same with my friend at work, her mom’s into this show. Same with my neighbor across the street. She came over on Wednesday and asked if I still had Monday’s episode on my DVR, her husband accidentally deleted it and she was about to kill him – could she watch mine and would I make her some coffee.

Tonight when I signed into my email account, Kevin Bacon was on WhoSay answering Twitter questions from fans about The Following. Each one was individually recorded and everything. He would take his glasses off , repeat the question, answer it. It was really cool. When my sister comes over this weekend I’m going to show her that and I bet she sits down for it. What … you don’t know about WhoSay? Well Google it  and find out.

Other finales for some series I watch include:

Castle (ABC) – Monday, May 13

NCIS (CBS) – Tuesday, May 14

CSI (CBS) – Wednesday, May 15

Elementary – Thursday, May 16

Criminal Minds (CBS) – Wednesday, May 22

Body of Proof (ABC) – Tuesday, May 28

Watching Boston’s Finest is a Religious Experience

‘Boston’s Finest’ protects ‘The City They Call Home’ on TNT – Newark TV | Examiner.com.

Truly, there’s just  not anything like it on cable, premium or network television. Donnie Wahlberg definitely has a winner on his hands.

The second episode  “The City They Call Home” was even better than the premiere episode; beautifully filmed, dramatic, engrossing, leaving me, the viewer, wanting more. Something you’d want all television shows to do for you, right? … Right!

If you’re not setting your DVR to catch Boston’s Finest then you’re missing some great television.

Boston’s Finest Worth Watching

Boston’s Finest | Other Shows | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club.

Donnie Wahlberg’s latest project, Boston’s Finest, is new, different, exciting, beautifully filmed and definitely worth watching.

Filmed on location in Boston, Mass., I finally sat down on Saturday and managed to watch the premiere episode I had saved on my DVR. Wahlberg served as narrator and you can here just a twinge of Boston accent. Personal stories of police officers are intertwined with their jobs on the streets of Boston.

What I expected to be along the same lines as A&E’s The First 48, I soon discovered wasn’t even close to that format.  These aren’t homicide detectives the cameras are following. At least not this first episode.

Of all the new shows coming out of the Midseason, this one is a definite must see. Time to set your DVR to record on Wednesday nights. You’ll want to catch every episode of Boston’s Finest.

Donnie Wahlberg’s Finest Hour coming soon to TNT

Proud “Boston Boy” Donnie Wahlberg Salutes His Hometown Police Force In TNT’s New Reality Show. By Lori Acken

The night time Gang Unit at work November 5, 2012 in Boston, MA. ©Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A Time Warner Company. Credit: Antonio Bolfo.

The night time Gang Unit at work November 5, 2012 in Boston, MA. ©Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A Time Warner Company. Credit: Antonio Bolfo.

Donnie Walhberg knows a thing or two about playing a cop on TV and in the movies, having embodied more than a dozen lawmen since he parlayed his New Kids on the Block fame into a successful acting career in the mid ’90s. But when Wahlberg, who currently stars as Detective Danny Reagan in the hit CBS cop drama Blue Bloods, decided to produce a law enforcement show of his own, he knew exactly whom he wanted for his stars — the real men and women of Boston’s police force.

“It’s my hometown,” Wahlberg explains of the resulting show, Boston’s Finest. “And the Boston Police Department works in a way that’s very different from most police departments. They’re very much about preventative law enforcement as opposed to responsive law enforcement, so they work really hard at keeping things from happening in the first place, as opposed to reacting when they do happen.”

Wahlberg credits his work on Blue Bloods for giving him a new level of respect for and understanding of folks entrusted with the safety of the very neighborhoods in which they grew up. And it’s that personal side of the patrolmen that he wants to convey over the door-busting and head-bashing of other police-related reality shows. “If you know how passionate a police officer is and what his upbringing is and why he’s so motivated to do the job he does, you can see him in a lot less dangerous a situation and still care that much more for him,” Wahlberg says. “It’s not just some guy in a blue uniform who’s supposed to be a superhero — he’s a human being with a family and vulnerabilities and responsibilities. You can actually heighten the drama by knowing more about the person.”

Wahlberg cites an episode featuring a member of Boston’s gang unit. “He’s talking to gangbangers on the most dangerous streets in Boston — and all the while there’s a huge amount of tension because a gangbanger was killed and now there’s a war ready to break out. We get to know more about him and how he came very close to being in one of these gangs himself, but now he’s working the other side of it. And when the funeral of the gangbanger passes by at the end and there hasn’t been any violence erupting, you see just how much it means to this police officer and how determined he is to keep these kids from taking each other’s lives. It’s really, really powerful.”

As powerful as Wahlberg’s drive to honor the code of the force that entrusted him to tell its stories. “If I don’t honor that and the show has huge ratings, then I’ve only done a service to myself — and I can’t do that,” Wahlberg says. “I’m a Boston boy! I want to make the city proud.”

Boston’s Finest premieres Wednesday, Feb. 27 on TNT.

FX Serves Up A Cold-War Dish Of Soviet Spies Living Undercover.

By Stacey Harrison

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are Soviet spies in "The Americans" Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are Soviet spies in “The Americans” Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

There’s a temptation to look back fondly on the Cold War, if for no other reason than that the line between good and evil was clearly drawn: The U.S. hated the Soviet Union and vice versa.

But in The Americans, that line is muddled, both for the characters and the audience. The time is 1981, and Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) seem like the all-American couple, running a travel agency and raising their two children in suburban Virginia. But what their neighbors — and even their children — don’t know is that they are actually Soviet spies living deep undercover.

“You’re rooting for them and against them,” says executive producer Graham Yost. “It’s an interesting dilemma for the audience, which we find really fun and we think people will, too.”

The idea arose after news broke in 2010 about Russian spies who had been living in America for years, Yost says. Setting it back in the Reagan years allows the series to really encapsulate the era.

“It’s the last great gasp of the Cold War,” Yost says, citing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Star Wars missile defense system and the Iran-Contra scandal. “It was just this big, heightened, crazy time and there were no cellphones. Computers were just in their infancy, so it didn’t have to be a tech-heavy world. We could go back to more Cold War spy stuff.”

The Americans premieres this Wednesday, Jan. 30 on FX Network.