Stay in On Saturday & Watch Ripper Street (it’s flawless)

‘Ripper Street,’ With Matthew Macfadyen, on BBC America –

You definitely won’t be sorry.



The premiere episode was absolutely delicious. I’m still trying to decide who I like better, Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (center, Matthew Macfadyen), Drake (Jerome Flynn, on the left) or Capt. Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg, on the right) who is definitely my kind of man since he’s into death and forensics.

I mean if you doubt the NYTimes, don’t bother clicking on the link above and reading their ringing endorsement of the show, this is my second write-up of it.

I will suggest that you set your DVR, because it does take a while for your ears to get use to that fine English language they spoke over there in them days (gosh what horrible grammar).

After viewing both episodes, I’ll be DVRing them just so I can watch them more than once. I promise you, they are just… that… good. It’s like watching a little movie onto itself. They are FLAWLESS.

Don’t let the title give you the slightest doubt. The closest this show is to Ripper anything is that it’s being done in the same time frame and in the same neighborhood. Other than that, you’ll forget all about Jack-The-Ripper after the first episode.

Besides, they’ll be plenty of other drama to be engrossed in during the coming episodes and  you’ll be oh, so engrossed.

Ripper Street Is the all New Series from BBC America

Ripper Street | BBC America.

Det. Insp. Edmund Reid finds a murder victim. © Tiger Aspect. Credit Jonathan Hession.

Det. Insp. Edmund Reid finds a murder victim. © Tiger Aspect. Credit Jonathan Hession.

Ripper Street is an all new series from our friends at BBC America. The first episode premieres Saturday, January 19 at 9/8C. Click the link above and you’ll be transported to Ripper Street for all kinds of fun.

You can take the Jack the Ripper Tour, watch the trailer of the new series, get details about the production, meet the characters and so much more.

If you liked Copper, you should enjoy Ripper Street. It’s gritty! It’s sexy! It’s raw. It’s Good!

I’ve always been interested in Jack the Ripper. It’s one of the oldest unsolved crimes in the world. Further down the page (you have to click the link) you’ll find 9 Totally Bizarre Unsolved Crimes (courtesy of Buzzfeed). You have to check those out, too.

So click the link, explore the new Ripper Street page and all it has to offer and get ready to watch the all new series from BBC America. If you don’t quite get hooked on in after viewing the pilot, hang in there, the second episode is much better and I guarantee you’ll be hooked on the series after seeing the first two episodes.

Oh, and don’t forget to set your DVR.