Season 4 Midseason Poster Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 4 Midseason Poster

The Walking Dead Season 4 Midseason Poster

Having a hard time waiting till February 9 when The Walking Dead returns? I definitely sympathize. I was overjoyed that the marathon was on so I could record the Season 3 episodes and watch those at my leisure (and delete the commercials).

I myself was busy writing, working on my own “assignment” as it were, so having The Walking Dead as a back drop served as inspiration. No, I’m not writing a zombie novel. I’m just saying I write better with something good playing on TV.

If you need something to tied you over until February 9, you should check out The Walking Dead‘s fan site at There’s plenty there that will satisfy your zombie craving including full episodes from Season 1 in black and white, blogs, photos, some really cool games, apps, and, now that Christmas is over, shopping.

WD Season 3 LE Blu Ray @ Amazon

WD Season 3 LE Blu Ray @ Amazon

Amazon has some great deals on Seasons 1, 2 and 3 in DVD and Blu ray formats. There are also some Limited Editions that are reduced in price, including this Season 3 LE Blu ray which Amazon is listing for $79.99 (down from $149.99).

The Season 2 LE Blu ray remains at a very high price, $389.99 and features a head with a screwdriver in his eye. When you lift the head, the Blu ray boxes are inside a cavity of the head. There are other prices for this one, slightly used, slightly discounted, still pricey.

You should go to Amazon and check out all their Walking Dead merchandise, 27+ pages of it. They also have a poster book which I’m seriously contemplating about purchasing. It contains 40 posters at a cost of about 50 cents per ($21.24 + shipping unless you’re a Prime Member, then shipping is free).

A “Second Revolution” In Television

Will Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Content Create a ‘Second Revolution’ in Television? | The Wrap Media.

This is an extremely interesting and important article you should take the time to read. It explains the importance Hulu, Netflix and other up and coming streaming services will play in your television watching future.

I personally still use Hulu to get caught up on some television shows but I never could see the advantages of Hulu Plus. Then I discovered Roku. I personally don’t use a Roku, but people who do say it’s the only way to stream and watch television (see the screen capture at the end of the page).

I use to have both streaming and mail delivery Netflix but that was because I would “listen” to Netflix at work. Now I just have mail delivery Netflix. The nice thing about Netflix, even now, as mentioned in the article above … “At the start of every season, Netflix releases all of a show’s episodes simultaneously. The move is a nod to the binge habits of its members, Netflix says, who prefer to see an entire season in a few sittings as opposed to tuning in for the latest episode at a particular time every week …” which was me and in some cases, still is me in a nutshell.

At this very moment I’m banking my A&E Hoarders episodes on my bedroom DVR because I HAVE TO WATCH them during my Thanksgiving vacation from work. I’m also saving up my FX’s AHS: Asylum episodes on my HD DVR for my vacation Christmas/New Year’s and I banked a bunch of shows during August, September and October so I could zap through the … yep, you guessed it … the constant political commercials (I am so glad that’s over).

Now scroll to the top of the page and hit the link and read the article. It’s a little long, but it will get you so educated on what’s coming down the road and will give you talking points at your next dinner party.

For just $49.99 it will deliver streaming TV.