Dumb Ways to Die – a Catchy Little Tune

On Tuesday (March 19) I received an email from Ad Age Digital asking to vote on the funniest Viral ad of the year.

The awards themselves are coming to Ad Age‘s Digital Conference in April. This year Ad Age decided to honor the funniest branded videos along with the most-watched campaigns, brands and agencies.

A couple of them I’ve seen, and to tell you the truth, one of the campaigns I’m happy to fast forward every time it shows up on my DVR. That just happens to be the “It’s Not Complicated” campaign from BBDO Atlanta for AT&T. I’m sure you’ve seen it a hundred or more times in its various form. It features a guy sitting around a kindergarten size table doing a focus group with … you guessed it … kindergarteners.

He asks them various questions which can’t be answered intellectually by kids 5 and under.

Also featured is “Double Impact” Liquid Plumr by DDB in San Francisco, which I’ve seen many times. The one on the Ad Age site is super long so I got to view the eye candy and enjoy that one even longer than usual.

The “Secrets Revealed by Smartwater” for Smartwater by AR New York features Jennifer Aniston really stinks and I’m not just saying that because I think Jennifer Aniston is as dumb as a box of hair.

Then there’s “Paper is Necessary” by Leo Burnett, Paris for Le Trefle which I loved and moved into my Number 1 position immediately.

“Muscle Music” by Wieden & Kennedy in Portland for Old Spice is clever but that’s about all I have to say about it.

But once I saw “Dumb Ways to Die” by McCann Melbourne for Melbourne Metro Trains I not only had that cute little song stuck in my head but I was chair dancing to it before it was even over.

See for yourself:

Violence Against Women – When Will It End?

Violence Against Women in 2012 – When Will It End? | The Wrap Media.

Jennifer Sebena was betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust. Her husband.

Jennifer Sebena was betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust. Her husband.

This Blog is about Quality Cable TV for Baby Boomers. I’ve tried really hard to keep it on course and I think I’ve done a good job. Today when I signed into my email at my day job, WordPress had a bells and whistles email for me which was my “annual report” and I have to say for only being active since September, I was pretty impressed to have 319 hits on one particular day.

That particular day/topic was the piece I wrote about Nancy Lanza being the Key to the violence at Newtown, CT – not a piece I wrote about Quality TV for Baby Boomers.

However, I am glad how things are progressing so I hope you bear with me when I find myself interjecting things into my blog which I Feel Are Really Important in My Little Corner of the World.

I became more than vocal about the violence against women this year because Milwaukee and the surrounding communities really had more than their share of it. The Avana Day Spa mass shooting, a savage stabbing at MATC and the Jennifer Sebena shooting over Christmas.

So I invite you to hit the link and read the short but very informative article from Sharon Waxman. Ladies, you’ll be horrified and informed in one fell swoop.