Mark Balelo Dead: ‘Storage Wars’ Star Dies At 40

‘Storage Wars’ buyer Mark Balelo found dead at workplace – The Clicker.

Brandi gave Mark Balelo the nickname of Rico Suave. When he showed up at Storage Wars auctions, it wasn’t a surprise if it turned into a bidding war between him and Hester. I remember one episode where Barry, as a joke, said that lockers might be going for $10,000.

Apparently he was found dead inside his car which was parked and running in the garage at his auction house in Simi Valley CA. His death was ruled as a suicide and came two days after he had been arrested for a drug-related offense.

I’ve been searching for a statement from A&E, but have not found one. He was one of those auction extras, on the same order as Nabila. Not a regular, but definitely a force to be reckoned with. The episode where he had an old game console that he swore was worth $13,000 (or something similar) was hysterical. The link above has some of that episode.

This is the link to his AETV storage wars biography: