Stupid Comments Made About Criminal Minds Final Season (and what’s true)

Do you ever read the comments people (and fans) leave after an article written about one of your favorite shows?

I was just reading an article about Criminal Minds‘ Final Season (CBS). It was on the website Deadline. It was written in January of 2019. It was mostly accurate. What’s really bad and deserved follow-up is the stupid comments made about the article by the fans who read the article and the misinformation that’s left behind.


The cast of Criminal Minds celebrates its 300th episode.

The author mentions that Season 15 might bring back former cast members and talks about some of them that departed over the years. She lists Mandy Patinkin, who they kill off in Season 10, Episode 13 (“Nelson’s Sparrow”). It’s one of the best episodes, co-written by Kirsten Vangsness and actually depicts how the BAU started with Gideon and Rossi. The killer of Patinkin is from one of their first cases.

Some of the commentors latch on to this and make stupid remarks about “what are they going to claim he really didn’t die and he’s been in witness protection the whole time.”

The writer also mentions Thomas Gibson, who personally, I loved. I was sorry when he left the show two episodes into Season 12. The comments, again, had him kicking a “writer” when actually, he was fired following a two-week suspension for a physical altercation with writer/producer Virgil Williams. It wasn’t his first time he had problems with the filmmaking side of the staff. If you remember, he was absent before in Season 11 for an episode. He apparently had to attend mandatory counseling for a similar problem.


Thomas Gibson as Hotch

And some people claim it’s their favorite show, but aren’t up on the details! Here are some FACTS you should make yourself familiar with: Hotch is no longer in witness protection (many, many people assume he still is), Edward Allen Bernero was NEVER a writer, Andrew Wilder was fired for cause because he was abusing pain medication, you can read the entire interview here (, he even says “He’d fire himself” , Kirsten Vangsness co-wrote Episode 18/Season 11 “A Beautiful Disaster” which was directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, Virgil Williams wrote the Episode 19/Season 11 called “Tribute” which was Derek’s good-bye and Breen Frazier wrote Episode 16/Season 11 called “Derek” directed by Thomas Gibson.

Remember the episode about the young boy who tracked down Reed because he had visions of killing prostitutes – that was Episode 11/Season 2 entitled “Sex, Birth, Death.” His name was Anton Yelchin. He played Chekov in the Star Trek movies. He died June 19, 2016 in a freak car accident. He was only 27 and a promising and gifted actor. It made me very sad.

So next time you, as a fan, want to toss out a comment about your “favorite” show, please do a little research first. Go to wikipedia and read some facts about it. But please don’t rely on what’s bouncing around in that head of yours. It’s really embarrassing to real fans of Criminal Minds.