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This isn’t about a quality baby boomer TV show. But it is about a topic that’s near and dear to my heart and that’s BULLYING.

I opened my weekend Seek or Shout email this morning and on a page with only two entries I found this link from Larry Fedoruk’s blog about Amanda Todd. I really like Larry Fedoruk’s blog. He blogs about relevant issues not just fluff.

I almost always write about fluff, but not this time. I hate bullies and after I watched Amanda Todd’s silent video where she was holding up pieces of paper that was the narration behind years of her pain I decided that I wouldn’t write about fluff today.

UPDATE: I asked for permission to be a member of a “group” on Amanda Todd’s R.I.P. Facebook page and it’s a mixed emotion. First, I’m getting a lot of emails to my personal email account. Second, I found some awful things people have written on her R.I.P. page, things that Amanda’s parents will see and it just breaks my heart.

It makes me upset that Facebook can’t do a better job of monitoring those pages. I even tried to report this person and when I did I found pages and pages of instructions from Facebook, but didn’t find a link or email address or any way to actually “report” this person. I’m inserting the item, but I’m warning you, it will piss you off and considering Facebook makes it impossible to report it and does nothing to stop it will piss you off even more.

Someone thought it would be cute to make a bleach ad featuring Amanda Todd’s likeness.


Kenneth Krause, personal injury lawyer, wrote letter to Jennifer Livingston calling her obese [PHOTO] – Minneapolis – News – The Blotter

Kenneth Krause, personal injury lawyer, wrote letter to Jennifer Livingston calling her obese [PHOTO] – Minneapolis – News – The Blotter.

Jennifer Livingston, TV Anchor, Speaks Out Against Bullying :

Jennifer Livingston, TV Anchor, Speaks Out Against Bullying :

I’m so grateful that WISN Channel 12 (ABC) in Milwaukee reports news that’s important and relevant, no matter where they find it. This morning they reported this piece about Jennifer Livingston who reports the news for CBS WKBT.

Jennifer Livingston received an email from some viewer who truly is an idiot in the making. He obviously is NOT a baby boomer, or he would have remembered the lawsuit that a national news anchor brought against a network when she was fired because she started to look “old” yet they didn’t seem to mind male announcers who they felt look “distinguished” when their temples started to grey.

In those days there was no Facebook, Twitter or social media. To voice your outrage, you had to write or call television stations or newspapers and trust me, the national network certainly heard it from enough people to change their position. I guess getting sued didn’t help any. If I remember that little move they tried to make help shape discrimination in the workplace laws.

Back on track, it’s the video (4:35) that really drives the message home. October is National Bullying Prevention Month.