I Checked out of Bates Motel for Chloë Sevigny

James D'arcy and Chloë Sevigny star in "Those Who Kill" from A&E.

James D’arcy and Chloë Sevigny star in “Those Who Kill” from A&E.

Bates Motel was really my kind of drama and I watched the first episode, actually parts of the first episode three times. But I never carried through and watched all of the episodes of the first season.

Here it is now, March of 2014, and new episodes of the second season of Bates Motel have begun, and my trusty DVR has recorded them, but I still haven’t got caught up with the first season.

Last night I watched the first episode of Those Who Kill with Chloë Sevigny and James D’arcy and was blown away. Tonight I promptly deleted Bates Motel off by DVR and canceled the record order in my series manager.

I figured if I haven’t gotten around to watching Bates Motel by the time the second season has started, then it just isn’t for me.

In Those Who Kill, Sevigny plays Catherine Jensen, a new to homicide detective who has paintings of serial killer’s homes in her apartment. Not too creepy, they are well done paintings.

James D’arcy plays Thomas Schaeffer, a forencis psychologist who’s not on the best of terms with the police department, and Jensen goes to him to get insight into her cases.

They both find themselves deeply involved in Pittsburgh’s serial killers, each in a different way and judging from the first episode, that may do more harm than good.

A&E will no doubt replay the first episode so if  you get a chance, you should DVR it and then set your DVR to catch it on Monday nights at 9pm.

American Horror Story

AHS – Asylum, Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 17 at 10pm (Eastern).

In the meantime I’ve noticed that my DVR has been recording Season 1 episodes that I missed. I’m certainly not complaining. I had originally recorded them on my regular DVR and when I decided to watch them I was greeted with glitches, skips and entire sections skipped over.

I could have just blamed it on the “ghosts” but unfortunately that wasn’t the problem … or the solution. I instead set-up my HD DVR to record the episodes and sat down on a Sunday to watch 8 of them in a row.

There are two that I missed: Murder House (Episode 3) and Halloween, Part 1 (Episode 4).

That’s the real beauty of DVRs. You have nothing better to do on a Sunday, it’s cold and rainy, you pop some popcorn and sit down with your DVR remote in hand and zoom through the commercials and get completely caught up on a series in less than 6 hours.

FXnetworks.com also has a great website promoting the new season and lots of fun things for Season 1 including a witchy family portrait game and an opportunity to Explore the House from Season 1.

AHS Season 1 is nominated for 17 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Movie or a Miniseries.

What fun the FX American Horror Story Season 1 web site is. I wish I would have gone there before viewing the episodes. If you haven’t viewed any of Season 1, go to the FX web site and partake in the interactive “exercises.”

Then get ready to record Season 2 premiering Wednesday October 17.

Jessica Lange returns in a lead role with other original cast members including Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson. Adam Levine, James Cromwell, Chloë Sevigny, Joseph Fiennes, Clea Duvall and Jenna Dewan-Tatum are new this season.