The Following’s Poe Obsession? or just something else being discussed by The Talking Heads.

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) discovers the cult house in Episode 2 of The Following. © 2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) discovers the cult house in Episode 2 of The Following. © 2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Credit: Sarah Shatz/FOX

Last nights episode of The Following was an excellent follow-up to the premiere. It’s a good sign when the second installment of a series leaves you begging for more instead of a) leaving you flat or b) asking yourself “now was that episode 3 or 4?”

The Following is one of those shows where a commercial comes along, you look at the clock and you think it’s half over and only 15 minutes have gone by and realize you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. Yes, it’s getting that good and will be getting better.

I signed into my account this morning to check the credentials of some of the actors of The Following and of course the talking heads are “talking.” People take television so seriously. In the “News” feed, interviewed this English professor about the hard-on Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has for Edgar Allan Poe in the series (see the link below).

Personally, she should be asking that question of the writer(s) and creator of The Following, not an English professor who knows about Poe. Especially when the English professor says that the most accurate TV/film adaptation of Poe in recent years has been The Simpsons (well at least it’s still in the “Fox” family).

I wonder how much Gwynne Watkins knows about Edgar Allan Poe? Well she seems to be very well educated and well written. However her Twitter biography includes two words that says it all – professional overthinker. Ah ha, there lies the problem. It’s television people, we’re not teaching an online class, we’re trying to entertain people.

So it’s up to you if you want to read Gwynne’s column or … not. My advice is to set your DVR and not miss any more episodes of The Following. If you have missed any, you can go here: and catch up.

What’s With The Following’s Poe Obsession? — Vulture.

Bones – Running for President?

Bones has been on for eight seasons. For at least six of those seasons, fans have done all but beg FOX to allow the relationship between Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth to bloom into a personal one.

Sometime during the sixth season, that’s exactly what happened: no big build-up, no advance warning, no publicity. I’m sure that Bones’ fans just sat there watching Season 6, Episode 22 and when it happened, their jaws dropped – just like mine.

And when Season 6 ended with Bones announcing to Seeley and the world that she was pregnant with his child, those fans stood up and cheered, just like I did.

Now in Season 8 with Bones and Seely living together raising their baby girl, it seemed natural for Bones to decide in Monday’s episode (Season 8, Episode 4) that she would make a good President. As she made her list of pros and cons, I was  excited about getting out the Vote! Yeah! Vote Bones for President!

Bones is one of those quality television programs that has changed and grown over 8 seasons. It has had minimal cast changes; the most dramatic being in Season 3 when Eric Millegan (Dr. Zack Addy) is revealed to be the apprentice to the cannibalistic serial killer known as The Gormogon.

Bones past seasons is available on DVD, Blu-ray and on Netflix, both streaming and  DVD through the mail. A quick way to get caught up to this season would be to start with Season 6.

It airs Monday nights at 8/7pm on FOX.