‘Walking Dead’ Returns with Record 17.3M Viewers | Multichannel

‘Walking Dead’ Returns with Record 17.3M Viewers | Multichannel.

Yes, that’s 17.3 MILLION Viewers according to Nielsen live plus same-day data.

If you haven’t seen the premiere episode you can see it at amctv.com without having to log-in, for the next 29 days (as of Tuesday, October 14).

The Talking Dead is also available to watch for the next 26 days (as of Tuesday, October 14). Chris Hardwick had some great guests on the premiere episode of the Talking Dead including Conan O’Brien, Scott M. Gimple and Greg Nicotero. Conan O’Brien was hysterical.

If you’re a baby boomer and think for one minute that other baby boomers aren’t watching The Walking Dead, then go to the amctv.com website and look for an advertisement asking “ARE YOU A FAN OF THE WALKING DEAD?” Join AMC’s Viewer Panel to unlock exclusive content and rewards.

One of the last questions asks for your birth date. When I put in mine, which qualifies me as a baby boomer, it kicks me out saying “that age category is presently filled at the moment.” That tells me AMC apparently wants the opinions of, and appreciates those of us in that silver surfing category.

The No Sanctuary episode of Season 5 of The Walking Dead was phenomenal. Well worth waiting for. Of course I had to wait until yesterday and last night to watch it, because I was so tired on Sunday that I fell asleep just minutes before it came on and woke up when the theme music was playing. At that point I packed it in and gave in to the sandman beating the heck out of me, and watched it online yesterday while I was at work.

I had to watch it again last night when I got home. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes. Bravo to Norman Reedus for his superb acting upon seeing Melissa McBride. Bravo to the entire cast and crew.

The Zombie Assault Survival Kit from Channel Guide Magazine

The Zombie Assault Survival Kit from Channel Guide Magazine

Don’t forget to shuffle on over to www.channelguidemag.com/zombie for your chance to win a Zombie Assault Survival Kit. It’s got everything you’d need to survive in a zombie apocalypse: A 29-piece Human Survival Kit from Lifeline, a pack of Bicycle-brand Zombie playing cards with 52 tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse, a pet first aid kid, a mini human first aid kit (that’s a human first aid kit, not a first aid kit for a mini-human), a t-shirt, plus some helpful lists and it’s all contained in a nylon drawstring sportbag.

A Decade of The Walking Dead

No … not The Walking Dead, AMC’s soap opera about zombies … I’m talking about the comic book.

Do you get TWDM (The Walking Dead Magazine)? It’s like a perfect seque of comic and television show. If you’re not a comic person then it’s a perfect publication for you.

If you don’t want to subscribe to TWDM you could get it at http://www.TFAW.com. That’s where I get mine for $2 off the cover price and it’s the Previews Exclusive Edition. Or you could get it at any newsstand. However, the newsstand edition has a different cover.

It was during my first initial read of Issue #7 that I came across the youtube video The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead. It’s a documentary detailing the history of The Walking Dead. It runs a little over 22 minutes. Trust me, there’s so much to learn, you won’t be sorry.

In Issue #7 there are interviews with Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes), Robert Kirkman and Stefano Gaudiano. Stefano is the new comic book inker, and I’m sure you know who Robert Kirkman is, don’t you? (Watch the video.)

Plus the usual Favorites, Head Shots and a regular fun column called, what else, “Body Parts.”

Chris Hardwick hosts The Talking Dead

Chris Hardwick hosts The Talking Dead

Now that The Walking Dead television show is into the back 8 episodes of Season 4, The Talking Dead has returned. If you’re not watching The Talking Dead, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Humor, interviews, insight into the actor’s craft as they take you through the process of the episode that just aired.

Chris Hardwick mentioned that he was happy to be back after the mid-season break. Greg Nicotero and Danai Gurira were the featured guests and pudding was on the set. That’s about all I’m willing to say, because I don’t like to “spoil” in my blog posts.

I’ll spoil this though – The Walking Dead will be back for a fifth season.

Interview with Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Interview with Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon.

An evening with ... Credit: @ahavlicek 2/16/13

An evening with … Credit: @ahavlicek 2/16/13

On Saturday, Feb. 16, I spent an evening with Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen and Steven Yeun. Milwaukee was on one of their city tours and they happened to be here for a two-show date.

I went to their early show and I was glad I did. Apparently it was more orderly than the 10pm show. It was, at times, extremely hard to understand what they were saying, but at least the 7pm audience knew how to behave.

Greg Nicotero is by far, one of the most interesting people I know. The guy who was playing “host” (I think he said he was from the Onion) was about about as interesting as a box of hair.

The first 60+ minutes was the box of hair talking in generalities and then the last 30 minutes he was asking the “panel” questions that had been submitted via Twitter. It seemed he was smart enough to at least pick a few questions that proved he had some brain matter.

Steven Yeun told a funny story about being at the airport and playing with his phone and a young brother and sister were talking to each other …”that’s him”… “are you sure?” … “yeah, I know that’s him” … like he wasn’t even there. Finally he just said to them “do you watch the show?” and freaked them out like they thought he couldn’t talk.

Norman Reedus shared with us some of the weird things people send him; one woman sent him her breast implant. When you click on the link and read the interview with Norman Reedus he talks about stuff he gets in the mail from people and that he gives a lot of that stuff to Chandler Riggs.

Greg Nicotero said he received a 3+ page letter from a fan that had an extensive, detailed description of her perfect walker, which he plans on using in the final episode. So you know what that means, right? Let’s all watch for it.

More Walking Dead Fun … Exclusive Interview with Steven Yeun

Glenn Interview1

Glenn Interview2

USA Today Dubs TWD Essential Viewing; Andrew Lincoln Is TVLine Performer of the Week – The Walking Dead – AMC

USA Today Dubs TWD Essential Viewing; Andrew Lincoln Is TVLine Performer of the Week – The Walking Dead – AMC.

Wow! is about all I could say once I read this article.

If you’re not watching The Walking Dead yet, why not? Just take a look at the list of “Tags” I put in for this post and that should give you an idea of how many media outlets have been commenting POSITIVELY on The Walking Dead. Just one of their episodes turns in millions of viewers, the kind of numbers some series would be happy to have for an entire season.

Here are two teasers from the article above:
Adweek‘s short list of the hottest media properties includes The Walking Dead in the “Best reason to watch TV now,” “Biggest social butterfly” and “Show that keeps you on the edge of your seat” categories.

TV by the Numbers reports that last week’s episode was the highest-rated cable show on Sunday, recording a rating of 5.6 in the 18-49 demographic, up from from 4.9 last week.

Zombie Celebrity Photos – Zombie Celebrity Photos Photo Gallery – AMCtv.com

Zombie Celebrity Photos – Zombie Celebrity Photos Photo Gallery – AMCtv.com.
Co-Executive Producer and Special FX Makeup Designer Greg Nicotero digitally retouched and turned into zombies to support the Red Cross.

The Walking Dead Wins Emmy For Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup – The Walking Dead – AMC

The Walking Dead Wins Emmy For Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup – The Walking Dead – AMC.