Check Into Bates Motel on Saturday

Get caught up on Bates Motel tomorrow when they show the first four episodes starting at 7pm CT on A&E. A new episode premieres on Monday 8pm/7pm ET/CT.

Freddie Highmore is phenomenal in the role of Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga may play his mother Norma, but don’t expect her to be dead and in the root cellar anytime soon.

The word is out that A&E has ordered ten new episodes for Season 2 slated to premiere in 2014.

That’s even more reason to get caught up on Season 1 and stay current to the bitter end.

There’s a cool Graphic Novel download through iTunes that accompanies Bates Motel that can be read through iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (must be read on an iOS device).

The web site is so incredibly interactive (see graphic) it’s like something you’d see for a movie (you can have loads of fun there (and earn stickers from GetGlue).

Does Someone Have Your Number?

Someone’s Got Your Number? Check Out: NumberGuru « AirportsMadeSimple™.

Do you have an Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile phone? Do you keep getting pesky phone calls and you don’t know who it is … and if you did you’d give them a piece of your mind? Want to know if they’re spam or telemarketers?

From our friends at AirportsMadeSimple™, posted on February 5, Someone’s Got Your Number? Check Out: NumberGuru. In the body of the post there’s a CLICK HERE that will take you to the site where you can sign up for FREE!

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Poster Revealed & Get Dead Yourself (for fun)

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Poster Revealed – The Walking Dead – AMC.

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Poster

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Poster

It’s getting closer … February 10 … the day the Walking Dead returns to AMC. Click on the link and you’ll see the Walking Dead midseason premiere poster with the tagline “An Eye for an Eye.”

Also on that page there are some links to the Top TV Moments, including Lori & Shane’s deaths and E! Names Danai Gurira Breakout Star. (I would too just to keep from getting chopped up into little pieces.)

They also have this new Dead Yourself App for iPhone and Facebook, but when I tried to put the link into the blog, it kept putting my Facebook credentials in and I wasn’t too happy about that. So if you want to make yourself into a zombie (for fun) of course, you’ll have to check it out for yourself at

But brace yourself and don’t have an accident when you go to that website ( because it’s actually quite scary.