The Following Finale is Monday + More Series Finales

If you have episodes for The Following backed up on your DVR, then it’s a good idea to get caught up this weekend on plots so when the finale airs Monday night you won’t be shocked (or spoiled).

Myself, I watched three episodes last week, two on Sunday and then the current one on Monday and walked around at work semi-dazed Tuesday morning. Almost everyone took one look at me and said “watched The Following last night huh?” Yes, it’s that intense.

What really shocked me is that my sister came to visit me at work last week and she said to me “so do you watch The Following? I can even sit down when I watch it!” Now my sister doesn’t like anything even mildly scary and she’s really into this show (It could just be Kevin Bacon). Same with my friend at work, her mom’s into this show. Same with my neighbor across the street. She came over on Wednesday and asked if I still had Monday’s episode on my DVR, her husband accidentally deleted it and she was about to kill him – could she watch mine and would I make her some coffee.

Tonight when I signed into my email account, Kevin Bacon was on WhoSay answering Twitter questions from fans about The Following. Each one was individually recorded and everything. He would take his glasses off , repeat the question, answer it. It was really cool. When my sister comes over this weekend I’m going to show her that and I bet she sits down for it. What … you don’t know about WhoSay? Well Google it  and find out.

Other finales for some series I watch include:

Castle (ABC) – Monday, May 13

NCIS (CBS) – Tuesday, May 14

CSI (CBS) – Wednesday, May 15

Elementary – Thursday, May 16

Criminal Minds (CBS) – Wednesday, May 22

Body of Proof (ABC) – Tuesday, May 28

NCIS – Shabbat Shalom, Shiva – Shocking

I had to get caught up on my NCIS over the weekend and walked away quite shocked, actually. I made it through the Jan. 15 episode “Shiva” and was rather devastated by the loss for both Ziva and Leon.

If you haven’t seen them, I suggest you catch them – you certainly don’t want to miss any of the episodes out of order.

In case you’re not up on your Hebrew, Shabbat literally means ‘ceasing’ or ‘stopping’ and Shalom of course can be ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ similar to the Hawaii word “Aloha.”

Shiva on the other hand is a Hindu deity and is “the Destoyer” or “the Transformer.” Shiva has many benevolent as well as fearsome forms.

Once you see the two NCIS episodes with these two titles, these words and their meanings will make much more sense to you.