Raising Adam Lanza: Who Was Nancy Lanza? Frontline Special Airs Tuesday.

Raising Adam Lanza: Who Was Nancy Lanza – Courant.com.

The first of two PBS Frontline specials is set to air on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10pm (EST) (check your local listings).

The link above is an extensive article written by Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner of The Hartford Courant.

The Hartford Courant and FRONTLINE have joined forces to look at the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. These two news outlets are exploring answers to the two critical questions sparked by the tragedy: who was Adam Lanza and what was the nature of his relationship with his mother?; and will this tragedy change the profoundly divisive debate over guns in America.

Violence Against Women – When Will It End?

Violence Against Women in 2012 – When Will It End? | The Wrap Media.

Jennifer Sebena was betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust. Her husband.

Jennifer Sebena was betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust. Her husband.

This Blog is about Quality Cable TV for Baby Boomers. I’ve tried really hard to keep it on course and I think I’ve done a good job. Today when I signed into my email at my day job, WordPress had a bells and whistles email for me which was my “annual report” and I have to say for only being active since September, I was pretty impressed to have 319 hits on one particular day.

That particular day/topic was the piece I wrote about Nancy Lanza being the Key to the violence at Newtown, CT – not a piece I wrote about Quality TV for Baby Boomers.

However, I am glad how things are progressing so I hope you bear with me when I find myself interjecting things into my blog which I Feel Are Really Important in My Little Corner of the World.

I became more than vocal about the violence against women this year because Milwaukee and the surrounding communities really had more than their share of it. The Avana Day Spa mass shooting, a savage stabbing at MATC and the Jennifer Sebena shooting over Christmas.

So I invite you to hit the link and read the short but very informative article from Sharon Waxman. Ladies, you’ll be horrified and informed in one fell swoop.