2013 Posts – September


Mario Montez

Sept. 26: Mario Montez, 78 – died from complications of a stroke in Key West, Florida. Mr. Montez, whose glamour and poise as a drag performer elevated him to the heights of avant-garde theater and cinema in the 1960s, made him a fixture in films by Andy Warhol. The Berlin International Film Festival presented him with a lifetime achievement award in “queer film” in 2012.

Sept. 25: Paul Oliver, 29 – a defensive back for five seasons with the San Diego Chargers was found dead at his home in Marietta, GA of a self-inflicted gun-shot wound.

Sept. 18: Ken Norton Sr., 70 – former heavyweight boxing champion (defeated Muhammad Ali in 1973) and actor, died at a hospital where he had been undergoing rehabilitation since suffering a stroke last year. He had congestive heart failure.

Sept. 16: Patsy Swayze, 86 – the mother of Patrick Swayze died after suffering a stroke at her Simi Valley, California home.

Sept. 12: Omar Hammami (aka al-Amriki aka The American) – killed in an ambush after falling out with Somalia’s al Shabaab group leader. Hammami, originally from Alabama had ascended the ranks of al-Shabaab high enough to attract a $5 million US government bounty was illed in an ambush ordered by that group’s leader, witnesses said.

Sept. 6: Alexis Urbina, 17 – national champion boxer is dead after being found severely beaten in his family’s south Phoenix home and police believe it’s a homicide. Alexis Urbina died from his injuries at a hospital after the Phoenix Police found him unconscious and covered in blood at 1:30pm pm Tuesday, Sept. 3. There were no obvious signs of forced entry into the house, but some of his boxing memorabilia was missing.

Sept. 3: Ariel Castro, 52 – the man responsible for holding Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight captive for over a decade was found dead in his cell at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio at 9:20pm. In early October, it was discovered that two correctional officers had doctored some of their daily logs. It was also reported that Castro may have died due to sexual asphyxiation. It was later determined that this was not true.

New Year’s Day Marathons

The day you’ve been waiting for – January 1, 2014. No cooking, no opening presents, no cleaning, no place to be.

If you were out last night and have nothing on your schedule, here’s a list of marathons for you to enjoy.

7am: Dog the Bounty Hunter
11am: Walking Tall
1pm: The Mummy
4pm: The Mummy Returns
7pm: Duck Dynasty

The Walking Dead Marathon started yesterday at 8am with Season 1 and continues all day until it ends with the mid-season finale of Season 4 in the wee hours of tonight.

Animal Planet
12am: Africa (External Reversion)
6am: Orangutan Island
6:30am Escape to Chimp Eden
7am: Big Cat Diary
8am: Meerkat Manor
9am: River Monsters: Unhooked
8pm Mermaids: The Body Found-The Extended Cut

BBC America
10am: The Tudors – Season 1
8pm: The Tudors – Season 2

5am: Suits New Year’s Day Marathon

7am: Avatar
10:30am: Unstoppable
12:30am: Battle: Los Angeles
3pm: The A-Team
6pm: What Happens in Vegas
8pm: Superbad
10:30pm: Superbad

History Channel
12:01am: Counting Cars, Season 2, Episode 17
12:31am: Counting Cars, Season 2, Episode 18
1:01am: Counting Cars, Season 2, Episode 25
1:32am: Counting Cars, Season 2, Episode 5
2:03am: American Restoration
3:02am: Paid Programming
6am: Modern Marvels
7am: Ancient Aliens
6pm: American Pickers

Ion Television
11am: Married With Children
11:30am: The Perfect Storm
2pm: Burn Notice, Pilot, Pt.1

Nat Geo
9am: Locked Up Abroad Marathon

Science Channel
9am: How It’s Made Marathon
7pm: Mega Shredders

9am: World’s Wildest Police Videos
11am: Coast to Coast
11:30am: Bloods & Scards, Bro!
12pm: Coast to Coast
12:30pm: In Denial
1pm: Family Ties
1:30pm: Neighborhood Busts
2pm: Coast to Coast
2:30pm: Man on Fire
5:30pm: Training Day
8pm: The Shawshank Redemption
11:30pm: Man on Fire

12am: The Twilight Zone
4am: Paid Programming
7am: The Twilight Zone

8am: My 600-lb. Life
1pm: 900 Pound Man: The Race Against Time
2pm: World’s Strongest Toddler
3pm: 40 Year Old Child: A New Case
4pm: Extreme Cheapskates
9pm: My Strange Addiction (Season 5)

TNT: Limited Commercial Movie Marathon
9am: Gladiator
11:47am: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
3:29pm: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
7pm: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
11:15pm: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

USA: Character Feast
6am: NCIS Resolve to Watch Marathon

Academy member calls for Oscar boycott of Zero Dark Thirty

Academy member calls for Oscars boycott of Zero Dark Thirty | Film | guardian.co.uk.

David Glennon

David Clennon

This tidbit of trash happened to show up on the front page of imdb.com on Monday when I was reading about Ben Affleck winning a Golden Globe for Argo.

A few posts back, I wrote about Argo and posted a link to the article that was the story behind the movie. In the past few weeks I’ve read several arguments where others have compared Argo to Zero Dark Thirty (ZD30), mostly because they both deal with our enemy(ies) in the Middle East.

This particular article (link) really pissed me off (please excuse my language). So much so that I actually posted a comment at imdb.com, which I don’t do often. [Comment: What about all the films that condone senseless gun violence that no doubt led to some of the nuts committing mass murder? It’s okay to show those but not to see ZD30? What a hypocrite!]

David Clennon is an American actor, who has an extensive resume of TV and movie work. He, as an Ampas member, would not be voting for Kathryn Bigelow’s film, which has been nominated for five Oscars, because it “promotes the acceptance of the crime of torture, as a legitimate weapon in America’s so-called War on Terror.”

Many, including other Ampas members are outraged that he would use his status as an Ampas member to speak out this way against a film and attempt to influence the voting process.

His comment has seriously offended me, not near as much as seeing thousands of Americans die at the hands of TERRORists on September 11. (Which was real and not being portrayed in a film.)

With Newtown, CT just passing its one month anniversary and President Obama already in a skirmish with the Washington elected officials regarding new laws on gun control, I commented on imdb.com that David Clennon should have been exercising his “veto”  long ago and boycott films that promote and glorify films with blatant gun violence (the 2012 films alone are way too long to list).

What do you think?

NRA Pins Conn. Massacre on Politicians, Monsters and Media, But Not Guns: Gothamist

Head of NRA Pins Connecticut Massacre on Politicians, Monsters and Media, But Not Guns: DCist.

There’s really not much to add here, except that there’s a link to the entire text of this … umm, speech, in pdf form, at the end of this article, courtesy of the Gothamist.