“Unlikely” Support for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Leon Panetta, 9/11 Families Join Chorus of Support for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ | The Wrap Awards.

The link above is an article written by Steve Pond, one of the best columnists at The Wrap (in my eyes). He’s an insightful, accurate, writer who gets his facts (and his spelling) correct 100% of the time.

Kathryn Bigelow is on the cover of Time Magazine, February, 2013.

Kathryn Bigelow is on the cover of Time Magazine, February, 2013.

On Wednesday I came home to find Netflix had delivered Act of Valor to my mailbox. This film came out in 2012 and used actual Navy SEALs in the cast. I really enjoyed this film and when I went to “grade” it at Netflix, I noticed it received a lot of good reviews from people (many from active military) who said it was one of the most accurate and realistic depictions of what faces today’s military.

Zero Dark Thirty is on that same level. Unless you’re prepared to walk in the shoes of the men who face the kind of danger the SEALs face, you shouldn’t be opening your mouth condemning anything they do … repeat … anything they do. Perhaps that’s why you don’t have one, not one single retired military person coming forward to condemn Zero Dark Thirty.

That could be why Martin Sheen spoke up and told the New York Times that he was incorrectly listed alongside David Clennon and Ed Asner has a critic of the film.

I published a post on Jan. 16 about David Clennon using his AMPAS power and his mouth to boycott Zero Dark Thirty. I’m asking you, now, the reader, to judge for yourself. Go see the film. Not that you can vote, but at least you’ll have all the facts. Perhaps you have a son or daughter, brother or sister, friend or neighbor, or husband or wife serving in the military.

I bet you remember where you were on 9/11. I sure do. I remember feeling helpless afterward. I also remember where I was when President Barack Obama stood at the podium and said that OBL had been killed. I no longer felt so helpless. I felt proud.

Academy member calls for Oscar boycott of Zero Dark Thirty

Academy member calls for Oscars boycott of Zero Dark Thirty | Film | guardian.co.uk.

David Glennon

David Clennon

This tidbit of trash happened to show up on the front page of imdb.com on Monday when I was reading about Ben Affleck winning a Golden Globe for Argo.

A few posts back, I wrote about Argo and posted a link to the article that was the story behind the movie. In the past few weeks I’ve read several arguments where others have compared Argo to Zero Dark Thirty (ZD30), mostly because they both deal with our enemy(ies) in the Middle East.

This particular article (link) really pissed me off (please excuse my language). So much so that I actually posted a comment at imdb.com, which I don’t do often. [Comment: What about all the films that condone senseless gun violence that no doubt led to some of the nuts committing mass murder? It’s okay to show those but not to see ZD30? What a hypocrite!]

David Clennon is an American actor, who has an extensive resume of TV and movie work. He, as an Ampas member, would not be voting for Kathryn Bigelow’s film, which has been nominated for five Oscars, because it “promotes the acceptance of the crime of torture, as a legitimate weapon in America’s so-called War on Terror.”

Many, including other Ampas members are outraged that he would use his status as an Ampas member to speak out this way against a film and attempt to influence the voting process.

His comment has seriously offended me, not near as much as seeing thousands of Americans die at the hands of TERRORists on September 11. (Which was real and not being portrayed in a film.)

With Newtown, CT just passing its one month anniversary and President Obama already in a skirmish with the Washington elected officials regarding new laws on gun control, I commented on imdb.com that David Clennon should have been exercising his “veto”  long ago and boycott films that promote and glorify films with blatant gun violence (the 2012 films alone are way too long to list).

What do you think?